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21.01 – R.A.F. biplanes strafe and bomb Dervish settlements and sheep

21.01 – Churchill – ‘The majority of the (Bolshevik) leaders are Jews.’

07.02 – Waziristan villages ‘utterly destroyed’ – villagers left to freeze

08.02 – Churchill blames the Bolshevik terror in Russia and Europe on Jews

20.03 – British security forces assassinate the Lord Mayor of Cork

06.04 – ‘Recalcitrant’ Waziri villages burned

03.05 – R.A.F. biplanes machine gun and bomb cattle to starve the Nuer of Sudan

03.05 – Churchill backs gas warfare to preserve the Empire

24.05 – Young Iraqi thrown in prison for reading out a nationalist poem

09.06 – The ancient Iraqi town of Tel Afar destroyed in a punitive operation

18.06 – Churchill backs use of poison gas to preserve the Empire

01.07 – Churchill urges the RAF to bomb Irish rebels

18.08 – General Haldane obtains Churchill’s approval to use chemical weapons

20.08 – General on his troops ‘burning every village within reach’

24.08 – Churchill – Egypt ‘will do all she is told’

29.08 – Churchill urges the RAF to consider using mustard gas in Iraq

03.09 – Coroners courts replaced by army run inquests in ten Irish counties

04.09 – English visitors to Ireland warned of danger from British troops

06.09 – Top general on our ‘counter terror… cutthroats’ in Ireland

20.09 – British auxiliary forces sack the Irish town of Balbriggan

23.09 – British Army’s murderous rampage through three Irish towns

24.09 – Churchill recommends strafing crowds of Irish nationalists

27.09 – British auxiliary forces sack the Irish town of Trim

25.10 – Lord Mayor of Cork dies on hunger strike in Brixton prison

31.10 – ‘Moderate’ minister praises British reprisals against Irish civilians

21.11 – 14 shot dead by British led armed police at Dublin football stadium

29.11 – Gertrude Bell on teaching the Arabs a ‘lesson’ by ‘burning villages’

11.12 – British auxiliary forces sack the city of Cork, burning down 300 homes

21.12 – Village of Ballinalee ‘burned out by forces of the crown’

27.12 – British introduce death penalty in Ireland for any civilian in army uniform


01,01 – Homes destroyed in four Irish villages as a reprisal for an IRA ambush

18.01 – Reprisals in Ireland – convent burned – random civilians murdered

01.04 – Top generals describe Palestine as ‘Jewland’ and a ‘beastly country.’

19.06 – Irish village almost totally destroyed by crown forces

12.09 – Kurdish valley of villages set on fire ‘from end to end’


16.03 – Settlers, police and soldiers shoot dead hundreds in Nairobi

10.07 – The RAF drop 400 gallons of petrol and incendiaries on a Kurdish town

18.12 – The RAF investigates ‘systems of attack’ against ‘uncivilised tribes’


27.01 – Iraqi villages and cattle subjected to punitive RAF bombing

16.08 – Crowded tea shop obliterated as RAF target rebel chief in Kurdish town

30.11 – R.A.F. drop 8,600 incendiary bombs on two Iraqi villages for ‘disobedience’


27.05 – RAF bombing devastates the Kurdish town of Sulaymaniyah


08.01 – RAF bombing raids against flocks of grazing sheep

30.05 – British led police shoot dead ten demonstrators in Shanghai

08.09 – Three Kurdish villages wiped off the map


24.10 – Two Iraqi villages flattened by the RAF for overdue fines


20.04 – Large areas of the Omani port of Khasab destroyed by British warships

23.04. – Machine guns turned on unarmed Peshawar crowd killing up to 400

14.05 – Bombing of friendly villagers described as an ‘error of little consequence’

21.05. – Hundreds injured – two killed – as Gandhi’s followers are beaten with lathis

04.08 – R.A.F. starts nine day intensive bombing campaign against Afridi villages

30.08 – Heavy bombing of North West Frontier villages for non-payment of fines


02.02 – Churchill – “primitive millions of India” must remain under British rule

18.04 – Viceroy of India vows ‘blitz of lathis’ and ‘knotted ropes’ against protesters

22.04 – Churchill – Loss of India will be the death blow of the British Empire


20.02 – Chancellor ecstatic as ‘India’s hordes’ forced to sell gold


01.02 – Daily Express urges Hitler to resort to “extraordinary measures”

27.02 – The Daily Express interviews Hilter and blames Reds for Reichstag fire

01.03 – The Telegraph backs Hitler’s murderous clampdown on opponents.

24.03 – Daily Express front page – ‘Judea declares war on Germany’

25.03 – Daily Express headline – ‘Jews Deny Persecution by Nazis’

27.03 – Daily Telegraph claims that reports of Nazi atrocities are exaggerated

29.03 – Minister warns against ‘interference’ in Nazi Germany’s internal affairs

12.04 – The prime minister doesn’t believe reports of Nazi ‘excesses’

09.05 – Article in the Daily Express backs Nazi expulsion of ‘Bolshevik Jews’

11.05 – War veteran fined for removing swastika wreath from the Cenotaph

20.05 – Foreign Office – U.K. should not ask League to help refugees escape the Nazis

31.05 – Archbishop – Don’t interfere in Nazi Germany’s internal affairs

27.06 – Britain rebuked over legitimating child marriage in Palestine

10.07 – The Daily Mail on the “minor misdeeds of individual Nazis”

28.07 – Cabinet approves sale of advanced aero engines to Nazi Germany

25.08 – The Daily Express praises the puritanism of Nazi Berlin

14.09 – MI5 indifferent to murder incitement at London Nazi HQ

27.10 – Main square of Jaffa “strewn with the bodies” of Arab protesters


17.05 – The Spectator magazine praises “wholesome family life” in Nazi Germany

01.08 – Thomas Cook – Visit Nazi Berlin – as peaceful and pleasant as London


12.03 – Editor of the Manchester Guardian reprimands reporter for anti-Nazi bias

15.07 – The Daily Mail praises Mussolini’s threat to invade Ethiopia

04.12 – F.A. chief apologizes to Nazi football delegation and toasts Hitler

05.12 – Garrick Theatre forced to change play to avoid insulting Hitler


19.04 – British security forces in Palestine granted draconian powers

20.04 – General strike by Palestinians against the British authorities

16.06  – 6000 Palestinians given a few hours notice of compulsory demolition

17.09 – Lloyd George praises Hitler – ‘the George Washington of Germany’

18.09 – General authorises use of Arab hostages to protect army convoys

25.11 – Only apprentices of ‘pure European descent’ can join the R.A.F.


04.02 – Barely a razed eyebrow after Nazi salute at Buckingham Palace

09.03 – Foreign Office official advises BBC to ‘get pro-Franco in our news’

17.03 – Britain secretly appoints a liaison agent to Franco’s fascist rebels

23.05 – Editor of The Times admits censoring reports critical of Nazi Germany

03.07 – Winston Churchill praises Mussolini and Fascism

07.07 – Peel Commission backs the expulsion of Arabs from their land

17.09 – Winston Churchill – Nazi persecution of Germany’s Jews ‘not our business’

06.11 – Black Watch troops beat twelve Arab villagers to death

27.11 – Suspect Arab rebel executed just five days after his arrest

01.12. – The Editor of the Daily Herald apologizes for insulting Hitler

05.12 – Lord Halifax on Hitler’s Nazi regime – ‘Absolutely fantastic !’

19.12 – English policeman describes extra-judicial killings in Palestine

29.12 – Anglican chaplain witnesses brutal beating of an Arab prisoner


03.01 – First ever BBC Arabic News  – Arab executed for possessing a rifle

10.03 – BBC director general offers to fly the swastika from Broadcasting House

16.03 – MI5 – Germany wants to “inundate this country with Jews”

24.03 – ‘Unwise to overload the basket’ – Daily Express on Jewish refugees

29.03. – Archbishop of Canterbury backs Hitler’s takeover of Austria

14.05 – England football team gives the Nazi salute

22.05 – Aston Villa honour the Nazis with two Nazi salutes

04.07 – British officials should not criticize the Nazi persecution of the Jews

31.07 – The Observer warns against admitting too many Jewish refugees

20.08 – Missionary doctor’s shock at Arab casualties of British violence

28.08 – Royal Engineers blow up 100 houses in Jenin as a ‘punitive measure.’

07.09 – 20 Arabs killed when British troops force a bus to drive over a mine

30.09 – The Mayor of Cardiff insists the swastika flag is flown over the town hall

01.10 – The Times greets news of Munich pact with Hitler as a ‘new dawn’

03.10 – British Special Night Squad troops target random Arabs

16.10 – Round the clock curfew imposed on Jerusalem’s Old City

20.10 – British officer orders reprisal executions in Arab village

23.10 – Winston Churchill on the existential threat of ‘barbarian breeding’

26.10 – British army turns Palestinian village into ‘a pile of mangled masonry’

07.11. – Sappers destroy civilian buildings in Haifa in a punitive operation

06.11 – Churchill praises Hitler, less than one year before outbreak of war


17.02 – military courts allowed to order the flogging of children

28.02 – George VI glad Jewish refugees prevented from leaving their countries

02.03 – Britain requests Nazi Germany to clamp down on Jewish refugees

15.03 – The Bank of England hands over Czech gold to the Nazis

19.04 – Cabinet – Not sending birthday greetings might offend Adolf Hitler

20.04 – British officials and establishment figures attend Hitler’s birthday

06.05 – Caged Arab villagers die from extreme heat and thirst

01.09 – First British shots of the Second World War directed at Jewish refugees

20.11 – Winston Churchill – Let German sailors drown

30.12 – Admiral ordered to intercept ship carrying Jewish refugees

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