[ 7 September 1963 ]

On this day in 1963 – At a secret meeting in Aden’s Crescent Hotel, between Colonel David Stirling, who had founded the SAS in 1942, Peter de la Billiere, a junior intelligence officer, Tony Boyle, a junior RAF officer and Ahmed al-Shami, the foreign minister of the former Yemeni Royalist government, a plan is devised to aid Royalist rebels in Northern Yemen with a flood of weapons without any authority from Whitehall, let alone the United Nations.

The text of the agreement emphasized that the main task was “to establish  and maintain a regular supply of arms and ammunition to the Royalist Forces in the field” and also acts of illegal force, or terrorism, “to deny the Hodeidah road to the Egyptians and assist the Royalists in other acts of sabotage which may periodically seem desirable. “(1)



1. Duff Hart-Davis (2012),”The War That Never Was,” Arrow Books, London, p76-77.

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