6 November 1938 – Winston Churchill is today lauded as the country’s greatest hero –  an unwavering opponent of the Nazis but as late as 6 November 1938, a month after German troops had occupied the Sudetenland and less than a year before the outbreak of the Second World War, he remarked in a statement to the Press Association, that while he continued to advocate British rearmament, he had never even “dreamed of an act of aggression against (Nazi) Germany” and that “I have always said that if Great Britain were defeated in war I hope we should find a Hitler to lead us back to our rightful position among the nations.”(1)


  1. Winston Churchill quoted in “Not Warmongers: Mr. Churchill replies to Fuhrer,” the Aberdeen Press and Journal, 7 November 1938, p7



Text (excluding attributable quotations) Copyright Alisdare Hickson 2018

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