1980-1989 | Falkland Islands

15 MAY

CABINET – URANIUM MORE IMPORTANT THAN ENDING APARTHEID IN SOUTH AFRICA [ 15 May 1975 ] Throughout 1975 Harold Wilson’s Labour government supplied Apartheid South Africa with ammunition, military spares and other critical equipment for their armed forces. Britain’s backing helped the South African army enforce internal repression and prevent anti-imperialist insurgencies across southern Africa….

1980-1989 | Falkland Islands | Massacres | Media propaganda


ARGENTINE SHIP SUNK OUTSIDE EXCLUSION ZONE, KILLING 323 [ 2 May 1982 ] At 15.57 on 2 May 1982 a British nuclear powered submarine, HMS Conqueror, torpedoed and sank the Argentine cruiser General Belgrano, killing 323 sailors. The attack was ordered even though the Belgrano was thirty six nautical miles outside Britain’s declared two hundred nautical mile…

1980-1989 | Falkland Islands


DISBELIEF AMONG TROOPS THAT THEY MIGHT HAVE TO DIE FOR THE FALKLANDS [ 1 May 1982 ] On 1 May 1982, Labour MP Tony Benn published a letter, although withholding the woman’s name, from the fiancee of a marine on the British task force, which had been sent to seize the remote Falkland Islands back…