1900-1919 | Burning towns and cities | Collective punishments | Gambia | Livestock targeted | Punitive operations

Two towns burned, crops and livestock seized in punitive operation

[ 26 May 1902 ] On 26 May 1902, Reuters filed a report at Banjul on a British punitive expedition in the Gambia against the Jola, who were described as ‘a wild people in the neighbourhood of the French frontier’ (today marked by the country’s border with Senegal.) It appeared in British newspapers in mid-June under various…

1860-1899 | Burning towns and cities | Collective punishments | Gambia | Punitive operations

West India Regiment burns down Gambian town of Gunjur.

[ 9 March 1894 ] At 8 am, Rear Admiral Bedford ordered four British warships to commence the shelling of the coastal stockade and defences in the bush outside the Gambian coastal town of Gunjur, while it was attacked from the land by the First Battalion of the West India Regiment, commanded by Major Madden….