Punitive operations | 1800-1859 | Collective punishments | Oman

Large areas of Khasab destroyed by British warships

20 APRIL 1930 At 1000 hours on 20 April 1930, HMS Lupin and HMS Cyclamen, two British Arabis class warships opened fire on the town of Khasab, situated on the mountainous coast of Oman’s Musandam Peninsula which juts out into the Straits of Hormuz. The bombardment was focused on a central area of the town…

2010-2019 | Backing dictatorships | Oman

Minister praises Oman’s tyrant, Sultan Qaboos, as a ‘visonary’

21 February 2019 On 21 February 2019, Gavin Williamson praised the dictator of Oman, Sultan Qaboos, as a ‘visionary’, who’s ‘statesmanship’ and ‘wisdom’ were ‘recognised around the world.’ On the same day, the UK and Oman signed a joint defence agreement, undescoring Britian’s uncompromising support for the authoritarian government which deals harshly with any dissent….