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10.10.1842 – Kabul sacked in an orgy of fire, looting and ‘wholesale butchery’

The ennobled executioner Earl Roberts of Kandahar in 1904 (Oil painting by John Sargent – NAM) and the bronze statue at Horse Guards Parade (Kim – CC License – via Wikimedia.)

The ennobled executioner Earl Roberts of Kandahar in 1904 (Oil painting by John Sargent – NAM) and the bronze statue at Horse Guards Parade (Kim – CC License – via Wikimedia.)
Earl Roberts of Kandahar (Oil painting by John Sargent – NAM) & his statue (Kim– CC License– via Wikimedia.)

12.10.1879 – Mass execution of Afghans to ‘celebrate’ the capture of Kabul

08.11.1879 – British army hang 49 villagers as a ‘lesson’

15.09.1897 – Churchill witnesses the destruction of an entire valley of villages

20.05.1919 – The R.A.F. bomb the medieval city of Jalalabad causing huge fires

26.01.1980 – Thatcher considers options for terror operations in Afghanistan

17.09.2001 – Blair cautions Berlusconi not to worry about war casualties

07.10.2001 – U.K. joins U.S. in illegal war of aggression against Afghanistan

08.10.2001 – War cabinet discusses targeting Afghan media outlets

19.10.2001 – Blair frustrated at legal concerns over killing Afghans

27.10.2001 – Blair – no pause in Afghanistan bombing for Ramadan

12.01.2002 – MI6 agents not required to prevent torture

18.10.2007 – UK forces fail to investigate death squad allegations in Afghanistan

19.05.2009 – Eight Afghan civilians killed by UK air strike – report kept secret

18.10.2012 – Three Afghan boys shot in the head by an SAS soldier

14.09.2018 – Refugee deported back to Afghanistan is executed by the Taliban


19.03.1969 – 312 Paras invade the small Caribbean island of Anguilla 


11.10.1736 – Slaves face death ‘with amazing obstinacy’ following aborted revolt


19.01.1788 – The first convicts arrive at Botany Bay

03.05.1804 – British Redcoats shoot dead up to fifty Aboriginal Tasmanians

08.07.1805 – Aborigines not legally entitled to the right of a fair trial

William Lanne – illustration 1870 – Wikimedia.
William Lanne – illustration 1870 – Wikimedia

03.03.1869 – Last ‘full-blooded’ Aboriginal Tasmanian man’s death and dissection

11.11.1975 – MI6 and the Palace in coup against Australia’s Labour government


05.03.1955 – Cabinet ‘mad keen to land British troops somewhere’ – Bahrain suggested

Tents burn as security forces storm Pearl Roundabout.
Bahrain in Pictures – CC BY-SA 3.0 – via Wikimedia Commons.
Tents at Pearl Roundabout.
Bahrain in Pictures – CC BY-SA 3.0 – via Wikimedia.

14.03.2011 – U.K. arms play vital role in crushing Bahrain’s democracy uprising

12.12.2011 – Bahrain’s tyrant King Hamid welcomed at Downing Street

01.10.2017 – Queen Elizabeth gifts a prize stallion to Bahrain’s tyrant King Hamad


04.08.1760 – The New Eagle of Liverpool ‘arrived at Barbados… Buried half her slaves.’

14.04.1816 – British militia massacre hundreds of Barbadian slaves


04.10.1759 – British troops massacre the Abenaki people and burn their homes


05.12.1578 – Drake’s men plunder the port of Valparaiso

24.04.1974 – Foreign Secretary cites copper as reason for arming Chile’s dictatorship

28.10.1998 – Britain’s High Court – Chilean tyrant Pinochet cannot be prosecuted

02.03.2000 – Pinochet allowed to return home


26.11.1833 – Lord Napier – ‘The empire of China is my own.’

“Opium Smokers”, China – Wellcome Library – J.A. Staunton – Our opportunity in China – 1912
“Opium Smokers”, China – Wellcome Library – J.A. Staunton – Our opportunity in China – 1912

03.06.1839 – Chinese destroy British opium leading to the First Opium War

01.10.1839 – Cabinet backs war with China after opium traders are held hostage

09.04.1840 – Lord Palmerston justifies military protection for Britain’s opium traders

19.06.1842 – Priceless antique books in Shanghai used as cooking fuel and toilet paper

28.12.1857 – British bombard Canton to protect their opium trade

07.10.1860 – British troops begin the ransacking of Beijing’s Summer Palace

18.10.1860 – British troops burn down the Summer Palace

03.05.1863 – Hundreds of civilians and prisoners tortured and killed at Tait-san

09.12.1863 – Thousands murdered as British led Imperial Chinese army takes Suzhou

31.12.1879 – British opium exports to China soar

14.07.1900 – British and Allied troops sack Tientsin, slaughtering civilians

17.08.1900 – General Alfred Gaselee sanctions an orgy of looting in Beijing

31.03.1904 – Hundreds of Tibetans massacred at Chumik Shenko.

01.06.1906 – The Times – Halting the opium trade would harm our financial interests

30.05.1925 – British led police shoot dead ten demonstrators in Shanghai


11.02.2008 – Minister in photo op with Colombian Death Squads general


19.09.1960 – Douglas-Home considers the ‘crocodile option’ for Congo’s prime minister

A teacher and students by a statue commemorating Patrice Lumumba in Kinshasa-
MONUSCO Photos – CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia.
A statue commemorating Patrice Lumumba in Kinshasa-
MONUSCO Photos – CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia.

17.01.1961 – MI6 arranges the assassination of Congo’s first prime minister.

18.09.1961 – MI6 probably involved in assassinating the UN General Secretary

06.02.2002 – Britain supplying arms to both sides of Congo’s civil war


26.11.1955 – Sir John Harding introduces state of emergency in Cyprus

13.12.1955 – British governor of Cyprus bans the Communist Party

13.01.1956 – Cypriot boys birched under emergency regulations

National Servicemen in the Royal Ulster Rifles man a road check point in Cyprus: © IWM HU 52030
The Royal Ulster Rifles man a road check point in Cyprus: 
© IWM HU 52030

05.03.1956 – Britain jams Athens Radio

24.05.1956 – Empty envelopes provoke harsh British reprisals in Nicosia

13.06.1958 – Day and night curfew imposed on Nicosia

22.07.1958 – British army detains hundreds of Greek Cypriots without trial

09.12.1958 – Report into massacre of Greek Cypriots whitewashes role of British Army

02.02.1959 – Special Branch officers waterboard a Cypriot schoolboy


15.03.1939 – The Bank of England hands over Czech gold to the Nazis


30.12.1966 – U.K. strikes deal with U.S. to expel the inhabitants of Diego Garcia


27.04.1802 – Following massacre of black mutineers – eleven survivors executed


Image to illustrate -  11.07.1882 – British fleet bombards Alexandria, killing hundreds - Vast areas of Alexandria were ripped apart by the shelling – Image left via Wikimedia and also image on the right.
Vast areas of Alexandria were ripped apart – Image left via Wikimedia & also image on the right.

11.07.1882 – British fleet bombards Alexandria, killing hundreds

13.09.1882 – Mass slaughter of the Egyptian wounded at Tel el-Kebir

10.06.1893 – 39 Egyptian convicts shot dead

07.06.1919 – Photographs of the wholesale flogging of Egyptian villagers

24.08.1920 – Churchill – Egypt ‘will do all she is told’

21.02.1946 – British troops in Cairo shoot dead twenty “rioters” with sub-machine guns

08.12.1951 -British army’s ‘Operation Bulldozer’ flattens Egyptian village

16.12.1951 – Churchill on Egypt – ‘We sill set the Jews on them.’

25.01.1952 – British army kills fifty Egyptian police officers

01.08.1956 – The Times – Nasser must be stopped or others will also defy us

03.08.1956 – Egyptians banned from cross Channel swimming race

27.08.1956 – MP and MI6 officers meet Egyptians to plan murder of president Nasser

01.11.1956 – Ministers unable to say if Britain is at war as Cairo airport is bombed

02.11.1956 – U.N. votes 64 to 5 in call for Britain to halt its aggression against Egypt

01.01.1987 – Documents belatedly expose British-Israeli collusion in the Suez crisis

23.12.2005 – Tony Blair accepts holiday hospitality from Egypt’s tyrant Hosni Mubarak

29.01.2011 – Britain praises Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak

01.02.2011 – Tony Blair describes Mubarak as ‘immensely courageous’

21.02.2011 – Cameron takes arms traders with him on visit to promote democracy


Image to illustrate - 13.04.1868 – British army loots and burns the Ethiopian city of Maqdala - King Tewodros II (Theodore) had committed suicide.
Wood engraving – out of copyright- via the National Army Museum.
King Tewodros II (Theodore) had committed suicide.
Engraving– out of copyright- via the NAM

13.04.1868 – British army loots and burns the Ethiopian city of Maqdala

15.07.1935 – The Daily Mail praises Mussolini’s threat to invade Ethiopia


01.05.1982 – Disbelief among troops that they might have to die for Falkland Islands

02.05.1982 – Argentine ship sunk while outside exclusion zone killing 323

15.05.1982 – Stephen Spender – the war over the Falklands ‘goes on like sickness.’


23.02.1894 – Town of Busumbala burned by troops under the command of Colonel Corbet

06.03.1894 – Town of Brikamar shelled and destroyed

09.03.1894 – British led troops burn down the coastal town of Gunjur

26.05.1902 – Two towns burned and crops seized in punitive operation against the Jola


26.09.1918 – Mustard gas shells fired at German lines in ‘handsome quantities’

01.02.1933 – Daily Express urges Hitler to resort to “extraordinary measures”

27.02.1933 – The Daily Express interviews Hilter and blames Reds for Reichstag fire

01.03.1933 – The Telegraph backs Hitler’s murderous clampdown on opponents.

24.03.1933 – Daily Express front page – ‘Judea declares war on Germany’

25.03.1933 – Daily Express headline – ‘Jews Deny Persecution by Nazis’

27.03.1933 – Daily Telegraph claims that reports of Nazi atrocities are exaggerated

29.03.1933 – Minister warns against ‘interference’ in Nazi Germany’s internal affairs

Photograph to illustrate - 12.04.1933 – The prime minister doesn’t believe reports of Nazi ‘excesses’ - 01.04.1933 – The placard reads ‘Germans, defend yourselves. Do not buy from Jews.’ NARA via Wikimedia Commons.
The placard reads ‘Germans, defend yourselves. Do not buy from Jews.’ NARA via Wikimedia.

12.04.1933 – The prime minister doesn’t believe reports of Nazi ‘excesses’

09.05.1933 – Article in the Daily Express backs Nazi expulsion of ‘Bolshevik Jews’

11.05.1933 – War veteran fined for removing swastika wreath from the Cenotaph

20.05.1933 – Foreign Office – U.K. should not ask League to help refugees escape the Nazis

31.05.1933 – Archbishop – Don’t interfere in Nazi Germany’s internal affairs

10.07.1933 – The Daily Mail compares Nazi Germany to the Elizabethan Renaissance

28.07.1933 – Cabinet approves sale of advanced aero engines to Nazi Germany

25.08.1933 – The Daily Express praises the puritanism of Nazi Berlin

14.09.1933 – MI5 indifferent to murder incitement at London Nazi HQ

17.05.1934 – The Spectator magazine praises “wholesome family life” in Nazi Germany

01.08.1934 – Thomas Cook – Visit Nazi Berlin – as peaceful and pleasant as London

12.03.1935 – Editor of the Manchester Guardian reprimands reporter for anti-Nazi bias

04.12.1935 – F.A. chief apologizes to Nazi football delegation and toasts Hitler

05.12.1935 – Garrick Theatre forced to change play to avoid insulting Hitler

17.09.1936 – Lloyd George praises Hitler – ‘the George Washington of Germany’

04.02.1937 – Barely a razed eyebrow after Nazi salute at Buckingham Palace

23.05.1937 – Editor of The Times admits censoring reports critical of Nazi Germany

17.09.1937 – Winston Churchill – Nazi persecution of Germany’s Jews ‘not our business’

01.12.1937 – The editor of the Daily Herald apologizes for insulting Hitler

05.12.1937 – Lord Halifax on Hitler’s Nazi regime – ‘Absolutely fantastic !’

10.03.1938 – BBC director general offers to fly the swastika from Broadcasting House

13.03.1938 – Daily Mail journo given priority use of Hitler’s telephone

16.03.1938 – MI5 – Germany wants to “inundate this country with Jews”

24.03.1938 – ‘Unwise to overload the basket’ – Daily Express on Jewish refugees

29.03.1938 – Archbishop of Canterbury backs Hitler’s takeover of Austria

14.05.1938 – England football team gives the Nazi salute

22.05.1938 – Aston Villa honour the Nazis with two Nazi salutes

04.07.1938 – British officials should not criticize Nazi treatment of the Jews

31.07.1938 – The Observer warns against admitting too many Jewish refugees

30.09.1938 – The Mayor of Cardiff insists the swastika flag is flown over the town hall

01.10.1938 – The Times greets news of Munich pact with Hitler as a ‘new dawn’

06.11.1938 – Churchill praises Hitler, less than one year before outbreak of war

02.03.1939 – Britain requests Nazi Germany to clamp down on Jewish refugees

Photograph to illustrate - 19.04.1939 – Cabinet – Not sending birthday greetings might offend Adolf Hitler - Nazi SS. troops parade through Berlin for Hitler’s birthday – April 1939.
Bundesarchiv – via Wikimedia.
Hitler in Prague on 15.03.1939.
Bundesarchiv – CC-BY-SA-3.0 – via Wikimedia.

15.03.1939 – The Bank of England hands over Czech gold to the Nazis

19.04.1939 – Cabinet – Not sending birthday greetings might offend Adolf Hitler

20.04.1939 – British officials and establishment figures attend Hitler’s birthday

15.03.1940  – Harsh penalties to deter Jewish refugees fleeing the Nazis

11.12.1940 – Foreign Office – Don’t let in any refugees fleeing the Nazis

25.07.1943 – The first RAF fire bombing raid on Hamburg kills thousands

28.07.1943 – RAF fire bombing destroys Hamburg, killing over 18,000

06.07.1944 – Churchill urges poison gas attacks on German cities

13.02.1945 – R.A.F. saturation bombing of Dresden kills tens of thousands

23.02.1945 – RAF bombing kills one third of the population of Pforzheim in 22 minutes

16.03.1945 – The RAF obliterates the medieval town of Wurzburg

09.09.1947 – Britain forces holocaust refugees to return to Germany


06.02.1874 – British army loots and burns the Ashanti capital of Kumasi

23.08.1900 – Ashanti towns and villages burned as a ‘lesson

28.02.1948 – “A bloody good show” – Officer in Accra congratulated for killing 3 protesters


Photo to illustrate - 03.12.1944 – 28 protesters shot dead in Athens by British armed Nazi collaborators  - 01.04.1933 – The placard reads ‘Germans, defend yourselves. Do not buy from Jews.’ NARA via Wikimedia Commons.
British troops alongside 2 Greek auxiliaries (left) fighting leftist partisans in Athens – Dec 1944. IWM.

03.12.1944 – 28 protesters shot dead in Athens by British armed Nazi collaborators


30.11.1567 – Hawkins’ sailors sack Cacheu, torturing, killing and seizing slaves


17.11.1821 – Priest – slaves surviving on raw plantains – perpetually flogged

Image to illustrate -  18.12.1823 – ‘Heads (of blacks) fixed on poles in various parts’ of Demerara - Slave executions following the Demerara rebellion-
Joshua Bryant – c 1824 via John Carter Brown Library and Wikimedia.
Executions follow the Demerara rebellion-
J. Bryant – c 1824 via John Carter Brown Library & Wikimedia.

18.12.1823 – ‘Heads (of blacks) fixed on poles in various parts’ of Demerara

06.10.1953  – Britain dispatches troops to Guiana to oust newly elected government

09.10.1953 –  British governor suspends Guiana’s constitution after left wins election


12.09.2018 – Conservatives back far right government of Victor Oban


12.01.1757 – British officers keep brief notes on town and village burning in Bengal

23.06.1757 – Battle of Plassey is followed by the looting of Bengal 

28.01.1771 – News breaks of a famine in Bengal and ‘calamities’ for British investors.

01.09.1771 – East India Company racketeers profit from Bengal’s famine

10.02.1846 – British troops refuse quarter to thousands of surrounded Sikh soldiers

21.02.1849 – British officer – “I never saw such butchery and murder.”

24.04.1857 – Indian troops refuse orders to use cartridges greased with pig and cow fat

10.05.1857 – Indian Mutiny incites press demands for ‘bloody vengeance’

04.06.1857 – Reign of terror, including indiscriminate hangings, at Benares

Image - Suspect mutineers about to be blown from the guns.
Watercolour by Orlando Norie via the National Army Museum. - used to illustrate 11.06.1857 – British army at Allahabad slaughters ‘every native that appeared in sight’
Mutineers about to be blown from the guns.
Watercolour – O. Norie via the National Army Museum.

11.06.1857 – British army at Allahabad slaughters ‘every native that appeared in sight’

29.06.1857 – “Slaughter all the men” – bloody retribution against an Indian village

12.07.1857 – After defeating Indian rebels, British troops take no prisoners

21.08.1857 – Lord Elgin’s diary notes on ‘living among inferior races’

05.09.1857 – British officer in India – ‘Every native is shot down like a dog.’

08.09.1857 – 18 executions ‘inspired the natives with a wholesome dread’

10.09.1857 – Major in the Indian Raj recounts with pride his extra-judicial hangings

13.09.1857 – Murderous Redcoats ransack Delhi

20.09.1857 – Worst day of week long orgy of retribution, looting and murder in Delhi

04.01.1858 – Indian man flogged, stuffed with pork and then hung

25.02.1858 – Women slaughtered while clinging to their husbands

03.04.1858 – No quarter given as Redcoats sack the Indian city of Jhansi

18.01.1859 – Officer recalls hunting down Indian mutineers “like vermin”

04.03.1894 – The Abor village of Silli burned in a punitive operation

08.03.1894 – The Abor village of Membu burned in a punitive operation

12.12.1911 – Famine struck India forced to pay for George V’s 6,170 diamond crown

31.01.1915 – General adamant Indian officers ‘simply not fit to lead his men’

13.04.1919 – General orders the killing of hundreds of unarmed Indian protesters

14.04.1919 – The R.A.F. strafe and bomb a school and crowds at Gujranwala

08.05.1919 – Death for declaring the Raj ‘extinct’ and that ‘the people were the rulers.’

21.05.1930 – Hundreds injured – two killed – as Gandhi’s followers are beaten with lathis

02.02.1931 – Churchill – “primitive millions of India” must remain under British rule

18.04.1931 – Viceroy of India vows ‘blitz of lathis’ and ‘knotted ropes’ against protesters

22.04.1931 – Churchill – Loss of India will be the death blow of the British Empire

20.02.1932 – Chancellor ecstatic as ‘India’s hordes’ forced to sell gold

02.02.1940 – Churchill – Hindu-Muslim Feud is ‘the bulwark of British rule in India’

11.04.1942 – Churchill declares he would rather resign than allow India independence

A Boy and his dog,’ – The Bengal famine of 1943 – Wikimedia - image to illustrate - 05.01.1943 – Churchill slashes shipping space for India as it faces famine
‘A Boy & his dog,’ – The 1943 Bengal famine – Wikimedia.

05.01.1943 – Churchill slashes shipping space for India as it faces famine

24.09.1943 – Churchill argues against food aid for famine struck India

23.02.1945 – Churchill – Hindus are a ‘foul race’ – wishes he could bomb them

04.04.1945 – Officials refuse urgent request for food for famine struck India

23.11.1945 – ‘Calcutta is quieter’ after 32 protesters, mostly students, are shot dead

18.02.1946 – Indian sailors “loose control of their senses” in anti-British mutiny

21.02.1946 – British army and police in Bombay kill two hundred protesters


10.11.1945 – British troops kill 10,000 Indonesians while restoring Dutch colonial rule

13.12.1945 – Punitive expedition against Indonesian town burns down 1000 homes

27.04.1962 – Macmillan urges Kennedy to liquidate Indonesian president Sukarno

30.07.1996 – Women damaging ground attack aircraft were preventing a greater crime

19.05.2003 – British Hawk jets used against Free Aceh Movement


17.06.1914 – Britain buys a controlling influence in Anglo-Persian oil

09.08.1919 – British attempt to buy hegemony over Persia fails

21.11.1952 – Top civil servant refers to Persia and its oil as ‘our property’

Mossadegh c. 1951 (via Wikimedia) and British troops guard an Iranian oil refinery c. 1941 (© IWM E 5329) - Image to illustrate -  19.08.1953 – MI6 overthrow Mossadegh – the popular moderate prime minister of Iran
Mossadegh c. 1951 (via Wikimedia) & British troops guard an oil refinery c. 1941 (© IWM E 5329).

19.08.1953 – MI6 overthrow Mossadegh – the popular moderate prime minister of Iran


14.01.1915 – Arab villagers who run away ‘meet their end on the scaffold.’

09.01.1916 – Four Arab villages burned to the ground

31.01.1918 – Gertrude Bell – ‘We must be lodged’ but pities ‘the luckless ejected ones.’

25.05.1918 – Public execution of 11 Iraqis after failed uprising in Najaf

03.11.1918 – Britain seizes Mosul to gain control over Mesopotamia’s oil fields

12.05.1919 – Churchill “in favour of using poisoned gas against uncivilised tribes.”

24.05.1920 – Young Iraqi thrown in prison for reading out a nationalist poem

09.06.1920 – The ancient town of Tel Afar destroyed in a punitive operation

18.08.1920 – General Haldane obtains Churchill’s approval to use chemical weapons

Major General George A.J. Leslie (© NPG x66214) and General Sir Aylmer Haldane (via the IWM and Wikimedia) - image to illustrate - 20.08.1920 – General on his troops ‘burning every village within reach’
Maj Gen G. A.J. Leslie (© NPG x66214) & Gen Sir A. Haldane (via the IWM & Wikimedia)

20.08.1920 – General on his troops ‘burning every village within reach’

29.08.1920 – Churchill urges the RAF to consider using mustard gas in Iraq

29.11.1920 – Gertrude Bell on teaching the Arabs a ‘lesson’ by ‘burning villages’

27.01.1923 – Iraqi villages and cattle subjected to punitive RAF bombing

30.11.1923 – R.A.F. drop 8,600 incendiary bombs on two villages for ‘disobedience’

24.10.1927 – Two villages flattened by the RAF for overdue fines

11.04.1963 – Arms for Iraq despite suspicion they might be used against civilians

17.07.1990 – British company helps equip Saddam Hussein’s military

24.02.1991 – Journalists forbidden from reporting details of British casualties

19.08.1995 – Iraq sanctions death toll condemned

15.02.1996 – Arms to Iraq Inquiry published

19.02.1998 – Pilot’s confession undermines pretext of bombing Iraq to protect Kurds

31.01.2002 – Just 2% believe Blair’s war ‘will make the world safer’ claim

07.03.2002 – Tony Blair falsely claims he is pursuing diplomatic options

23.07.2002 – MI6 head explains need to deceive the public over Iraq WMD

24.09.2002 – Highly misleading intelligence dossier on the danger from Iraqi WMD

27.11.2002 – No WMD here but we found marmalade

20.03.2003 – Britain and the U.S. invade Iraq, causing 650,000 deaths by 2006

23.03.2003 – Scores of Iraqi civilian casualties caused by British cluster weapons

31.03.2003 – British cluster weapons kill 38 and injure 156 Iraqi civilians

09.04.2003 – Tony Blair and Alastair Campbell joke about killing Clare short

08.05.2003 – Iraqi taxi driver dies in custody – his body covered with torture marks

18.07.2003 – Iraq weapons expert John Kelly found dead after ‘sexed up’ dossier leak

15.09.2003 – Iraqi hotel receptionist tortured to death by British troops in Basra

21.09.2003 – Father of Iraqi prisoner told his son died from torture by British troops

23.10.2003 – Galloway expelled from the Labour Party for opposing Iraq invasion

24.12.2003 – British army makes no attempt to halt the execution of an Iraqi Christian

31.07.2005 – UK forces turning a blind eye to murder in Basra

13.10.2006 – General admits British troops in Iraq only exacerbate security problems

24.11.2006 – Wall Street and the weather cited as pretexts for the Iraq war

25.02.2008 – British forces in Iraq implicated in U.S. rendition and torture of detainees

28.02.2008 – High Court silences rendition and torture claims by former SAS soldier


The Massacre at Drogheda.
Illustration by Henry E. Doyle, 1868, via Wikimedia - image to illustrate - 11.09.1649 – Cromwell orders massacre of thousands of soldiers and civilians at Drogheda
The Massacre at Drogheda.
Illustration by Henry E. Doyle, 1868, via Wikimedia.

11.09.1649 – Cromwell orders massacre of thousands of soldiers and civilians at Drogheda

11.10.1649 – His troops slaughter all but ‘a very few’ of Wexford’s inhabitants

10.01.1798 – General John Moore admits the futility of ‘acts of great violence’ in Ireland

27.05.1798 – Moore – ‘My wish was to excite terror.’

15.06.1798 – Moore condones ‘promiscuous and severe punishments’

09.11.1804 – Preparations made to burn Irish convicts alive

13.10.1845 – PM – Irish famine fears exaggerated – delay in acting desirable

23.02.1846– British government reacts to famine in Ireland with martial law bill

13.03.1846 – British infantry evict Irish peasants from village as famine threatens

23.03.1846 – Earl Grey describes Ireland as ‘our disgrace’

17.07.1846 – British Treasury orders halt in relief to famine struck Irish peasants

An Irish family during the famine.
Public domain via - image used here to illustrate 22.09.1846 – The Times argues that Ireland’s potato famine is a ‘blessing’
An Irish family during the famine.
Public domain via

22.09.1846 – The Times argues that Ireland’s potato famine is a ‘blessing’

28.09.1846 – Royal Dragoons shoot dead two as starving Irish crowd demands food

10.10.1846 – Troops dispatched to prevent starving Irish from halting corn exports

02.12.1846 – British official on the ‘moral evil’ of the ‘selfish, turbulent’ Irish

07.12.1846 – Relief works for famine struck Irish villagers suspended as a punishment

31.03.1847 – Sultan asked to reduce donation to Irish famine victims

08.06.1847 – Britain – We won’t pay for Irish famine victims

12.06.1847 – Workhouse forced to turn away 260 starving Irish famine victims

21.06.1847 – The Irish famine victims removal Act becomes law

22.11.1847 – Minister’s advice to go ‘a little beyond the law’

15.12.1847 – British troops enforce mass eviction from Irish village of Mullaroghe

25.12.1847 – A bleak famine Christmas under British rule in Ireland

26.07.1848 – The Times – Lazy and perfidious Irish famine victims abuse our charity

30.08.1848 – The Times warns famine struck Ireland to expect less relief

13.02.1849 – P.M. insists that Irish treachery means that they must starve

02.04.1911 – Census data shows Dublin’s shocking death rate

31.08.1913 – Hundreds injured as British order police to attack workers in Dublin

26.07.1914 – British troops open fire on Dublin crowd after children throw orange peel

25.04.1916 – British authorities declare martial law in Dublin

04.05.1916 – Irish rebel poet Joseph Plukett shot on his wedding day

25.09.1917 – Irish hunger striker denied a bed and bedding dies from forced feeding

20.03.1920 – British security forces assassinate the Lord Mayor of Cork

01.07.1920 – Churchill urges the RAF to bomb Irish rebels

03.09.1920 – Coroners courts replaced by army run inquests in ten Irish counties

04.09.1920 – English visitors to Ireland warned of danger from British troops

06.09.1920 – Top general on our ‘counter terror… cutthroats’ in Ireland

20.09.1920 – British auxiliary forces sack the Irish town of Balbriggan

23.09.1920 – British Army’s murderous rampage through three Irish towns

24.09.1920 – Churchill recommends strafing crowds of Irish nationalists

27.09.1920 – British auxiliary forces sack the Irish town of Trim

25.10.1920 – Lord Mayor of Cork dies on hunger strike in Brixton prison

31.10.1920 – ‘Moderate’ minister praises British reprisals against Irish civilians

21.11.1920 – 14 shot dead by British led armed police at Dublin football stadium

St. Patrick’s Street, Cork. Workers clearing the debris.
W.D. Hogan, National Library of Ireland via Wikimedia.
W.D. Hogan, National Library of Ireland via Wikimedia.

11.12.1920 – British auxiliary police sack the city of Cork, burning down 300 homes

21.12.1920 – Village of Ballinalee ‘burned out by forces of the crown’

27.12.1920 – British introduce death penalty in Ireland for any civilian in army uniform

01,01.1921 – Homes destroyed in four Irish villages as a reprisal for an IRA ambush

18.01.1921 – Reprisals in Ireland – convent burned – random civilians murdered

19.06.1921 – Irish village almost totally destroyed by crown forces


26.10.2003 – The U.K. abstains from condemning Israel’s illegal ‘separation wall’

14.07.2006 – Britain blocks calls for a ceasefire as Israel invades Lebanon

03.11.2010 – The U.K. promises to protect Israeli war criminals


03.07.1937 – Winston Churchill praises Mussolini and Fascism

13.02.1945 – Churchill refuses to consider urgent food aid for Italy


16.07.1750 – 300 lashes ‘for his many crimes and negligences”

02.10.1750 – Hung and his body left to rot for drawing a knife on a white man

09.02.1752 – Slave hung and his head impaled on a pole for running away

28.01.1756 – Plantation overseer invents revolting punishment for a slave

26.05.1756 – Slave overseer’s diary notes on a summer of depraved torture

18.06.1760 – Report from Jamaica – gibbeted slaves ‘live from four to eight days.’

02.07.1768 – Slave roasted alive – his wife hung – just another day in colonial Jamaica

27.12.1831 – Slaves in Jamaica refuse to work for their British masters

23.05.1832 – Baptist deacon Samuel Sharpe hung for leading Jamaican slave strike

07.10.1865 – Imprisonment of a black man for trespassing on an abandoned plantation

17.10.1865 – Jamaican woman hung for listening to a rebellious preacher

18.10.1865 – Jamaican hung for his ‘ferocious look of defiance’ while being whipped

24.10.1865 – Preacher Paul Bogle hung for demanding justice for black Jamaicans

A statue of Paul Bogle (Dubdem sound system via Wikimedia) stands outside the rebuilt Morant Bay Court House (Michael L Dorn via Wikimedia.)
A statue of Paul Bogle (Dubdem sound system via Wikimedia) outside the Morant Bay Court House (Michael L Dorn via Wikimedia.)

13.11.1865 – The Times on the ungrateful ‘savageness’ of black Jamaicans

16.11.1865 – The Morning Herald on the ‘cruelty’ and ‘ingratitude’ of black Jamaicans

18.11.1865 – The Times – Black Jamaicans are ‘our spoilt children’


05.09.1945 – Indiscriminate reprisals against Japanese soldiers


07.12.1908 – Peodophile colonial official lauded as an ‘exemplary and valuable officer’

16.03.1922 – Settlers, police and soldiers shoot dead hundreds in Nairobi

02.04.1952 – Collective punishment against Kenyan villages deemed to be hostile

23.09.1952 – London grants senior Kenyan police officers extraordinary legal powers

Soldiers search suspect Mau Mau rebels during an unrelated operation in 1954. 
© IWM (MAU 865).
Soldiers search suspect Mau Mau rebels during an operation in 1954.  © IWM (MAU 865).

20.10.1952 – British governor of Kenya declares a state of emergency

23.11.1952 – Colonial police and militia massacre up to 100 villagers in Kenya

25.11.1952 – Wider powers of collective punishment authorized in Kenya

26.11.1952 – Archbishop of York backs collective punishment against Kenyan villages

03.04.1953 – Kenya’s British led home guard untouchable and out of control

08.04.1953 – Jomo Kenyatta sentenced to seven years hard labour after judge is bribed

14.06.1953 – British captain tortures and executes suspect rebels

17.06.1953 – Ten Kenyans beaten and summarily executed by British led troops

14.07.1953 – Suspect insurgent hung despite evidence of torture induced confession

27.08.1953 – General Erskine reluctant to investigate crimes of loyalist Kenyan militia

18.11.1953 – RAF starts Kenya bombing campaign – six million bombs dropped

10.12.1953 – General warns again against investigation into British war crimes in Kenya

24.04.1954 – Thousands of black Nairobians transported to concentration camps

09.06.1954 – British general warns against prosecuting Kenyan militia for murder

23.12.1954 – Officer in Kenya’s colonial police complains of culture of torture and abuse

09.01.1955 – General Erskine advises yet again against prosecution of Kenyan militia

30.09.1955 – Labour MP Barbara Castle speaks out against British atrocities in Kenya

25.06.1957 – Britain approves the “dilution technique” of torture in Kenya

03.03.1959 – Eleven Kenyan political detainees murdered

16.06.1959 – Colonial detention camps in Kenya worse than Japanese POW camps

03.12.1963 – Sensitive files on Kenyan counterinsurgency ops removed to Britain

02.03.1968 – Law to stop Kenyan Asians with British passports from ‘flooding’ Britain


An RAF biplane on the ground in northern Iraq.
© IWM (HU 89404)
An RAF biplane in northern Iraq.
© IWM (HU 89404)

12.09.1921 – Kurdish valley of villages set on fire ‘from end to end’

10.07.1922 – The RAF drop 400 gallons of petrol and incendiaries on a Kurdish town

16.08.1923 – Crowded tea shop obliterated as RAF target rebel chief in Kurdish town

27.05.1924 – RAF bombing devastates the Kurdish town of Sulaymaniyah

08.01.1925 – RAF bombing raids against flocks of grazing sheep

08.09.1925 – Three Kurdish villages wiped off the map


08.03.1985 – MI6 behind massive Beirut car bomb which kills 80 people


01.09.1969 – Wilson indifferent to Gadaffi coup in Libya as long as the oil flows

07.03.2004 – MI6 arrange the rendition of a Libyan dissident and his wife

25.03.2004 – Tony Blair embraces Libyan dictator Colonel Gadaffi

28.03.2004 – MI6 arranges rendition of another couple to Libyan torture centre

26.04.2007 – Tony Blair writes letter of thanks to Libyan tyrant Colonel Gadaffi

07.03.2011 – David Cameron insists he doesn’t need U.N. approval to bomb Libya

RAF Tornado GR4s heading for Libya in March 2011-
© Crown Copyright – CC BY-SA 2.0 – via Flickr.
RAF Tornado GR4s head for Libya- 2011-
© Crown Copyright – CC BY-SA 2.0 – via Flickr.

19.03.2011 – The RAF starts its bombing campaign in Libya


11.06.1843 – Sarawak villages plundered and burned to the ground

18.04.1945 – War Office plans to ensure supply of opium to Malaya after its liberation

21.10.1945 – Censorship of British sex crimes in Malaya – protesters shot dead

15.02.1946 – British led police shoot dead 13 at an anti-fascist vigil in Malaya

28.02.1947 – Colonial police in Malaya beat worker to death in ‘justifiable homicide’

19.06.1948 – State of emergency introduced in Malaya – thousands detained

01.07.1948 – Malay democracy activist detained without trial for seven years

02.11.1948 – British troops burn the Malayan village of Kachau

07.11.1948 – Eleven Malayan communists shot dead ‘while trying to escape’

A wounded suspect rebel is held at gunpoint during an unrelated roundup: © IWM (K 13104)
A wounded suspect rebel is held at gunpoint: © IWM (K 13104)

12.12.1948 – British troops murder 24 unarmed men at a Malayan rubber plantation

19.12.1948 – British governor – villagers more frightened of us than of the communists

10.01.1949 – British in Malaya start to detain and deport entire communities

02.04.1949 – F.O. memo – Malaysian independence threatens UK’s economic interests

04.05.1949 – British hang Malayan democracy activist

14.01.1951 – Britain launches first ever herbicidal war in Malaya

26.03.1952 – Town deemed ‘cowardly’ punished with sharp rice ration cut and curfew

28.04.1952 – Photo published of a smiling British soldier holding up a severed head

10.11.1994 – High Court – Government linked uneconomic aid project to arms sales


28.11.1885 – General Prendergast’s troops loot Burma’s Royal Palace at Mandalay

15.01.1886 – Colonel practices his photography during extra-judicial executions

18.05.1946 – Burmese colonial police shoot dead protesting villagers

19.07.1947 – British linked to assassination of Aung San – ‘father of modern Myanmar’


06.02.1840 – Britain signs a treaty with the Maoris only to renege on it

05.01.1869 – Up to 128 captured Maoris stripped naked and shot ‘like dogs.’

16.11.1869 – Maori rebel Hamiora Pere executed for treason


26.12.1851 – Royal Navy destroys Lagos – ‘An immense number of natives being killed’

16.11.1882 – Entire villages shelled, machine gunned and burned to the ground

17.11.1882 – Niger Delta village bombarded, ‘the inhabitants killed or expelled’

Sir Frederick Bedford (Vanity Fair via Wikimedia) and HMS Thrush – one of the 3 gunboats (via the National Maritime Museum and Wikimedia.)
Sir Frederick Bedford (via Wikimedia) & HMS Thrush – one of the 3 gunboats (via the National Maritime Museum & Wikimedia.)

22.02.1895 – Two Niger Delta towns ‘completely burned’ as a ‘ sharp lesson.’

18.02.1897 – The ancient city of Benin looted and burned

30.12.1903 – ’15 towns and villages destroyed’ by a ‘punitive expedition.’

07.06.1904 – Reports of the Burning of the town of Ogodo first published.

10.03.1906 – 2000 killed as the Nigerian village of Sitaru is wiped off the map

07.07.1967 – ‘Defensive’ weapons for Nigeria’s Junta to slaughter Biafrans

08.08.1967 – Minister – oil means we must back Nigerian junta against Biafra

15.08.1967 – Birmingham Airport’s role in covert arms airlift to Nigerian junta exposed

17.08.1967 – Newspaper reveals U.K. supplying Nigerian junta with fast patrol boats

04.12.1967 – Minister – backing Nigeria’s assault on Biafra will benefit B.P. and Shell

29.01.1968 – Foreign Office admits U.K. supplying Nigerian death squads with arms

27.03.1969 – Harold Wilson lies to cover up British complicity in Biafran war crimes

19.07.1970 – Massive oil blow out poisons Nigerian farmland

24.07.2019 – Nigerian victims of Shell granted UK Supreme Court hearing


26.07.1575 – Hundreds of women and children slaughtered on Rathlin Island

12.08.1969 – RUC incites loyalists to attack Derry’s Catholic residents

09.08.1971 – Six, including priest, shot dead by British troops in West Belfast

09.08.1971 – Hundreds of Catholics arrested under ‘internment without trial’ powers

11.08.1971 – Three shot dead and another dies after a mock execution in Belfast

17.10.1971 – Routine use of torture in Ulster exposed

30.01.1972 – Fourteen unarmed Catholics shot dead by the army

12.06.1972 – British army urges tolerant approach to loyalist paramilitaries in its ranks

03.07.1972 – British army allows protestant paramilitaries to patrol alongside them

A notice appealing for an inquiry into the 1972 Springhill killings –
Keresaspa – CC License – via Wikimedia.
A notice appealing for an inquiry into the 1972 Springhill killings –
Keresaspa – CC License – via Wikimedia.

09.07.1972 – Army snipers kill five in West Belfast including three children and a priest

09.07.1972 – Armoured car rams furniture van to stop Catholics moving into homes

09.07.1972 – British army’s double standards in Portadown

07.08.1972 – Edward Heath – ‘Use money freely’ on bribes and propaganda

18.10.1972 – PM advised to be ‘economical with the truth’ over Irish detentions

20.12.1972 – Report recommends trials without a jury for Irish terror suspects

31.01.1973 – UDA remains legal despite murders and arms stockpiles

03.04.1973 – Irish shopkeepers bombed for not serving members of the security forces

07.05.1974 – Ulster defence regiment gunmen murder a Catholic couple

01.10.1974 – UDR soldiers, many with terror links, keep weapons in their homes

09.04.1975 – Loyalist UVF remains legal despite openly boasting of killing Catholics

07.07.1975 – Foreign Office warned not to disclose compromising data on Ulster

02.09.1976 – Government memo admits the UDA is merely a front for loyalist terrorism

18.01.1978 – ECHR – British forces resorted to ‘inhuman and degrading treatment’

12.02.1981 – MI6 warns of UDA terror but UK refuses to proscribe the organisation

01.03.1981 – Bobby Sands starts his hunger strike

05.05.1981 – Bobby Sands MP dies after 66 days on hunger strike

26.05.1981 – UK refuses to proscribe the UDA after finding a large cache of weapons

19.10.1988 – Members of Sinn Fein banned from broadcasting

25.09.1996 – Labour Party threatens M.P. with expulsion for meeting Gerry Adams

06.07.2018 – The law should protect our crimes but not theirs


20.04.1930 – large areas of the port of Khasab destroyed by British warships

23.07.1970 – Shell pressures Britain to back coup in Oman

21.02.2019 – Minister praises Oman’s tyrant, Sultan Qaboos, as a ‘visionary.’


02.01.1849 – Redcoats massacre hundreds of civilians in Multan

22.05.1857 – British preempt a mutiny at Peshawar with mass executions

Suspect mutineers executed- Peshawar- 10.06.1857.
The Illustrated London News, 03.10.1857, p. 333.

10.06.1857 – Forty Indian mutineers blown from guns

17.06.1857 – Indian mutineers blown apart – wounding civilian spectators

26.06.1857 – “We stand no nonsense here !” – British officer explains mass executions

25.11.1901 – Waziri villages and granaries destroyed – cattle driven away

29.11.1902 – Three Waziri villages destroyed – 5,600 cattle seized

24.06.1917 – Valley of villages and crops burned to the ground in Waziristan

09.10.1919 – The RAF drops incendiary bombs on North West Frontier Villages

07.02.1920 – Waziristan villages ‘utterly destroyed’ – villagers left to freeze

06.04.1920 – ‘Recalcitrant’ Waziri villages burned

23.04.1930 – Machine guns turned on unarmed Peshawar crowd killing up to 400

14.05.1930 – Bombing of friendly villagers described as an ‘error of little consequence’

04.08.1930 – R.A.F. starts nine day intensive bombing campaign against Afridi villages

30.08.1930 – Heavy bombing of North West Frontier villages for non-payment of fines

08.10.1981 – Margaret Thatcher toasts Pakistan’s dictator Zia

05.10.2001 – Blair consoles General Musharraf over stigmatization of military regimes


09.11.1917 – Palestinians marganalised as their land is promised as a Jewish homeland

11.08.1919 – FO memo – Don’t consult Arabs – Zionism is ‘of far profounder import.’

01.04.1921 – Top generals describe Palestine as ‘Jewland’ and a ‘beastly country.’

27.06.1933 – Britain rebuked over legitimating child marriage in Palestine

27.10.1933 – Main square of Jaffa “strewn with the bodies” of Arab protesters

19.04.1936 – British security forces in Palestine granted draconian powers

20.04.1936 – General strike by Palestinians against the British authorities

16.06.1936  – 6000 Palestinians given a few hours notice of compulsory demolition

18.09.1936 – General authorises use of Arab hostages to protect army convoys

07.07.1937 – Peel Commission backs the expulsion of Arabs from their land

06.11.1937 – Black Watch troops beat twelve Arab villagers to death

27.11.1937 – Suspect Arab rebel executed just five days after his arrest

19.12.1937 – English policeman describes extra-judicial killings in Palestine

29.12.1937 – Anglican chaplain witnesses brutal beating of an Arab prisoner

03.01.1938 – First ever BBC Arabic News  – Arab executed for possessing a rifle

07.11.1938 – Sappers destroy civilian buildings in Haifa in a punitive operation

20.08.1938 – Missionary doctor’s shock at Arab casualties of British violence

28.08.1938 – Royal Engineers blow up 100 houses in Jenin as a ‘punitive measure.’

British soldiers Palestine – c 1936.
Matson Collection – Library of Congress – via Wikimeida.
British soldiers Palestine – c 1936.
Matson Collection – Library of Congress – via Wikimeida.

07.09.1938 – 20 Arabs killed when British troops force a bus to drive over a mine

03.10.1938 – British Special Night Squad troops target random Arabs

16.10.1938 – Round the clock curfew imposed on Jerusalem’s Old City

20.10.1938 – British officer orders reprisal executions in Arab village

26.10.1938 – British army turns Palestinian village into ‘a pile of mangled masonry’

17.02.1939 – military courts allowed to order the flogging of children

Black Watch troops in Jerusalem in 1936 –
Matson Collection – Library of Congress – Via Wikimedia.
Black Watch troops in Jerusalem in 1936 –
Matson Collection – Library of Congress – Via Wikimedia.

06.05.1939 – Caged Arab villagers die from extreme heat and thirst

01.09.1939 – First British shots of the Second World War directed at Jewish refugees

30.12.1939 – Admiral ordered to intercept ship carrying Jewish refugees

24.02.1942 – 785 refugees drown after Britain insists Turkey refuse them overland passage

25.07.1946 – British commander orders troops to ‘show contempt for Jews

02.01.1947 – Monty on Palestine – Ignore world and Jewish opinion

14.02.1947 – MI6 ordered to sabotage ships carrying Jewish refugees to Palestine

02.03.1947 – Martial law imposed on Palestine’s Jewish population

31.07.1947 – British army sprays Tel Aviv’s streets with machine gun fire killing five

29.08.1975 – Harold Wilson orders ministers not to be friendly with PLO delegates


The Ceausescus at Buckingham Palace.
Romanian National Archives – #BA421 (03.02.2020) – via Wikimedia Commons.
The Ceausescus at Buckingham Palace.
Romanian National Archives
 – #BA421 (03.02.2020) – via Wikimedia Commons.

13.06.1978 – Queen confers a knighthood on Romanian tyrant Ceausescu


26.09.1854 – British troops ransack the Crimean port of Balaklava

24.05.1855 – British and Allied troops sack the Crimean city of Kerch

21.01.1920 – Churchill – ‘The majority of the (Bolshevik) leaders are Jews.’

08.02.1920 – Churchill blames the Bolshevik terror in Russia and Europe on Jews

23.07.1945 – Churchill jubilant at the possibility of nuclear attack on Russian cities

08.08.1946 – Winston Churchill advocates a nuclear strike against Moscow


14.03.1737 – As slave ship docks at St. Kitts, 33 slaves leap to their deaths


27.07.1796 – Genocide on St. Vincent – ‘The savages will be starved into compliance’


10.05.1963 – Foreign Secretary – We must prop up the Saudi dictatorship

14.10.1964 – UK ambassador on our ‘friendly’ but ‘barbaric’ Saudi ally

04.10.1993 – Margaret Thatcher – Let the Saudis do as they want

04.12.1995 – Minister admits arms exports to Saudi Arabia not linked to human rights

14.12.2006 – Attorney General blocks S.F.O. investigation into Saudi arms trade bribes


23.08.1305 – Scottish rebel William Wallace strangled, castrated and disemboweled

10.04.1544 – ‘Burn Edinburgh… putting man, woman and child to fire and sword.’

J.S. Lucas – ‘Rebel Hunting,’ Oil on Canvas 1884 ( via Wikimedia )
J.S. Lucas – ‘Rebel Hunting,’ Oil on Canvas 1884 ( via Wikimedia )

16.04.1746 – ‘Perfidious’ highlanders ‘must perish by sword or famine’

31.08.1793 – Scottish reformer Thomas Muir sentenced to transportation for 14 years


16.04.1999 – Blair sends Campbell to Brussels to help spin the bombing of Serbia

23.04.1999 – Tony Blair attempts to justify NATO’s assassination of Serbian journalists


15.04.1898 – Dozens of Sierra Leone towns and villages burned


15.02.1946 – Singapore colonial police kill activists commemorating wrong anniversary


A DH9A open cockpit bomber flying over the desert.
RAF photo via Wikimedia.
A DH9A bomber over the desert.
RAF photo via Wikimedia.

21.01.1920 – R.A.F. biplanes strafe and bomb Dervish settlements and sheep


26.01.1852 – Starvation used as a weapon of war against the Xhosa

14.12.1873 – Colonial troops slaughter hundreds of Hlubi in Natal

23.01.1879 – Hundreds of wounded Zulus slaughtered at Rorke’s Drift

29.03.1879 – “No quarter boys !” – British take no Zulu prisoners

04.07.1879 – Redcoats slaughter Zulu wounded and burn down city of Ulundi

26.02.1900 – British officer – My instructions – Shoot prisoners, loot the farms

17.05.1900 – Africans starved to save the white garrison of Mafeking

16.06.1900 – Field Marshal Roberts – Detain Boer civilians and burn their homes

Kitchener (public domain via Wikimedia) and Lizzie van Zyl, a child, who died in Bloemfontein Concentration Camp. (Public domain via Wikimedia.)
Kitchener (Wikimedia) & a child who died in Bloemfontein Concentration Camp. (Wikimedia.)

20.12.1900 – Lord Kitchener deceives South African Boers with empty promises

24.01.1901 – Famine at British concentration camp for Boer civilians

20.07.1901 – General’s request to deport Boer women to remote island ‘impractical’

20.09.1909 – The South Africa Act creates the legal foundation for Apartheid.

15.05.1975 – Cabinet – Uranium more important than ending Apartheid in South Africa

07.07.1976  – Minister rules out sanctions against South Africa

31.03.1977 – Labour government afraid of U.S. ethical stand on Apartheid

01.11.1977 – Britain vetoes full economic sanctions against Apartheid South Africa

17.02.1978 – Callaghan – ‘I won’t be pushed’ into sanctions on Apartheid South Africa

09.11.1978 – Britain determined to veto U.N. sanctions against Apartheid South Africa

02.06.1984 – Margaret Thatcher welcomes Apartheid leader P.W. Botha

16.08.1985 – Margaret Thatcher admonished for colluding with apartheid South Africa

22.10.1985 – Revealed – 34 MPs hold investments in Apartheid South Africa

31.06.1986 – T.R.G. belatedly opposes pro-apartheid policies, for business reasons

17.10.1987 – Margaret Thatcher insists that she can’t meet the ‘terrorist’ A.N.C.

15.07.1988 – Margaret Thatcher refuses to discuss Nelson Mandela’s release

13.10.1988 – Sir James Cleminson boasts U.K. is apartheid’s most reliable partner


The storming of Badajoz – heroic art with no hint of the subsequent massacre.
Watercolour by Richard C. Woodville Jr – National Army Museum – via Wikimedia.
The storming of Badajoz –
Watercolour by R. C. Woodville Jr – NAM – Wikimedia.

07.04.1812 – Thousands slaughtered as British troops sack the Spanish city of Badajoz

31.08.1813 – British sack San Sebastian, killing over a thousand and raping the women

09.03.1937 – Foreign Office official advises BBC to ‘get pro-Franco in our news’

17.03.1937 – Britain secretly appoints a liaison agent to Franco’s fascist rebels


29.08.1803 – Ceylonese boats and villages burned

13.09.1803 – 1,100 houses torched – unknown number burned alive at Ruwanwella

07.06.1818 – British troops burn homes and destroy rice stores in Ceylonese villages

29.07.1848 – Martial law declared in Ceylon – 200 shot dead or hung

02.06.1915 – Martial law in Ceylon, hundreds shot on sight, thousands arrested


13.03.1884 – Three Sudanese villages burned to the ground

27.03.1884 – More Sudanese villages burned

08.04.1898 – After the Battle of Atbara – hundreds of Dervish soldiers slaughtered

02.09.1898 – Kitchener’s troops at Omdurman kill Sudanese prisoners and wounded

03.05.1920 – R.A.F. biplanes machine gun and bomb cattle to starve the Nuer of Sudan

The bombed ruins of the factory 10 years later.
Bertramz – CC BY-SA 3.0 – via Wikimedia.
The ruins of the factory 10 years later.
Bertramz– CC BY-SA 3.0– Wikimedia.

21.08.1998 – Tony Blair backs attack on life saving Sudanese pharmaceutical company


10.03.1774 – Slave rebellion evokes brutal executions in Tobago

25.12.1801 – Rebel slave plotters seized, hung and their heads impaled on poles

12.10.1823 – Newspaper dismisses dangers of treadmill, blaming idle, sulky slaves


19.01.1917 – Cabinet has ‘no hesitation’ in approving use of gas against the Turks.


30.01.1892 – British led troops massacre hundreds of refugees

25.01.1971 – MI6 backs Idi Amin coup

05.02.1971 – Britain recognizes Idi Amin following coup in Uganda

14.07.1971 – Ugandan dictator Idi Amin guest of honour at Buckingham Palace


24.06.1965 – U.K. stages a coup in Sharjah to ensure the state’s dependency on London

06.08.1966 – Ungrateful Sheikh Shakhbut of Abu Dhabi deposed by British led coup


Queen Elizaebeth c. 1595.
Portrait via Wikimedia.
Queen Elizaebeth c. 1595.
Portrait via Wikimedia.

11.07.1596 – Queen Elizabeth – ‘too many blackamoors’

03.10.1699 – First Liverpool slave ship sets sale

14.09.1731 – London’s Lord Mayor bans employment of black apprentices

04.10.1743 – City of London auction – rum, brandy and ‘one Negro boy’

11.12.1744 – ‘Little Negro Boy’ to be ‘dispos’d of’ – Apply at “the Dolphin Tavern’

11.12.1752 – The author of ‘Amazing Grace‘ on his use of the thumbscrew on slave boys

27.12.1753 – Widespread celebrations follow repeal of the ‘Jew Bill’

28.10.1762 – Ship’s crew saved ‘but not even any of our clothes or one slave.’

06.06.1769 – ‘A Negro boy to be disposed of’

01.09.1772 – Deaths from Britain’s slave trade estimated at 30,000 a year

29.11.1781 – British ship throws 132 slaves overboard to claim on its insurance

22.05.1783 – Lord Mansfield – throwing slaves overboard cannot be murder

19.04.1791 – Church bells rung in Bristol to celebrate the defeat of first anti-slavery bill

15.03.1796 – MPs love of the opera means slavery abolition bill fails

09.10.1796 – Drowned black slaves dumped in a mass grave in North Devon

03.06.1833 – Gladstone – slaves are no more than the property of their owners

01.08.1833 – Abolition Act – Biggest pay-out in British history for slave owners

02.08.1867 – Imperial racism exemplified by Carlyle’s writing on the ‘Nigger Question.’

08.09.1914 – First of 348 First World War executions for desertion

19.11.1914 – Five detainees shot dead at Douglas Alien Detention Camp

13.05.1915 – Britain reacts to anti-German riots by detaining German civilians

09.10.1916 – Captain – newspaper propaganda on trench warfare makes him laugh

16.07.1919 – ‘Hideous spectacle’ of ‘a negro in khaki with a white woman’

London Victory March - Public domain via Wikimedia.
London Victory March – Public domain via Wikimedia.

19.07.1919 – Black soldiers excluded from the First World War victory celebrations.

03.05.1920 – Churchill backs gas warfare to preserve the Empire

25.11.1936 – Only apprentices of ‘pure European descent’ can join the R.A.F.

24.03.1938 – ‘Unwise to overload the basket’ – Daily Express on Jewish refugees

31.07.1938 – Observer warns against accepting Jewish refugees

23.10.1938 – Winston Churchill on the existential threat of ‘barbarian breeding’

28.02.1939 – George VI glad Jewish refugees prevented from leaving their countries

20.11.1939 – Winston Churchill – Let German sailors drown

03.06.1940 – Churchill anxious to achieve faster deportation of Jewish refugees

10.06.1940 – Propaganda and religious hatred provoke anti-Italian riots

17.12.1940 – Foreign Office official – Jewish refugees drowning an ‘opportune disaster’

24.12.1940 – No more holocaust refugees ‘on merely humanitarian grounds’

26.12.1940 – Foreign Office – Send Jewish refugees to the remote interior of Guiana

06.03.1942 – Goebbels gloats over antisemitism in the House of Commons

10.11.1942 – Churchill vows to prevent the dissolution of the British Empire

25.10.1946 – Foreign Secretary on the need to get a Union Jack on the atom bomb

22.06.1948 – Labour MPs demand restrictions on black immigration

14.12.1950 – Attlee misleads parliament over U.S. nuclear bases in the U.K.

07.01.1953 – Top civil servant – end of empire means ‘we shall starve.

17.12.1953 – Black workers ‘mentally slow’ claims government report

The United States tests a thermonuclear bomb – 1 March 1954 –
US Department of Energy via Wikimedia.
A thermonuclear bomb tested – 1 March 1954 –
US Department of Energy via Wikimedia.

22.03.1954 – Churchill – too risky to alert the public to the realities of nuclear war

20.01.1955 – Winston Churchill suggests ‘Keep England White’ as best election slogan

01.07.1962 – ‘Heartbreak day for the unwanted’ under new racist regulations

27.10.1962 – Public kept in the dark as nuclear bombers readied for Armageddon

24.06.1974 – Ministers and MPs learn of Harold Wilson’s secret H-bomb test

20.11.1974 – Harold Wilson – Nuclear weapons help us to woo Washington

22.01.1979 – Labour government approves using depleted uranium in ammunition

17.05.2002 – Binyam Mohamed offered tea before torture

28.04.2004 – Tony Blair and Jack Straw deny knowledge of secret renditions

13.12.2005 – Home Secretary lies over the U.K.’s involvement in rendition and torture

14.01.2006 – Vilification of anti-imperialism MP who dresses up as a cat

04.02.2009 – British submarine seconds away from a nuclear disaster

27.11.2012 – Cameron – Security agents can kill without fear of prosecution

25.07.2018 – Boris Johnson admits U.K. not opposed to illegal drone strikes

31.07.2018 – Government attempts to hide denying refugee children their rights

31.07.2018 – Foreign Office – Better to ally with war criminals 

03.08.2018 – British Airways’ double standards on global LGBTQ+ rights

31.05.2019 – UN expert – the UK has subjected Assange to ‘pscyhological torture’


31.08.1619 – First known purchase of African slaves by a British colony

07.07.1763 – General authorises use of smallpox to kill Native Americans

05.03.1770 – Redcoats shoot dead five Bostonians who had been hurling snowballs

17.10.1775 – The Royal Navy punishes the American town of Falmouth 

02.04.1777 – British newspaper – American women raped by our troops are ‘fortunate’

26.06.1777 – Redcoats ransack the town of Westfield, New Jersey

28.09.1778 – Redcoats slaughter American troops after they surrender

13.07.1781 – General’s plan to use African Americans to spread smallpox

10.08.1781 – Our morning’s salutation – ‘Rebels ! Turn out your dead !’ 

06.09.1781 – New London burned and the garrison slaughtered

14.10.1781 – Lord Cornwallis expels his black troops from Yorktown

24.08.1814 – British troops sack Washington DC.

19.04.1975 – Post Office argues against commemorating the American Revolution

16.01.2002 – Worries about the wrong sort of spin over Guantanamo

Fire boats attempt to quell the flames on the Deep Water Horizon oil rig-
US Coast Guard – public domain – via Wikimedia.
The fire on the Deep Water Horizon oil rig-
US Coast Guard – via Wikimedia.

20,04.2010 – BP oil rig explodes causing the biggest ever maritime oil spill

22.06.2018 – U.K. drops objection to sending British terror suspects to Guantanamo


23.09.1945 – UK forces slaughter hundreds and burn down vast areas of Saigon

26.09.1945 – Artillery and machine guns used to crush opposition to Saigon coup

13.10.1945 – British army shell Saigon temple, killing one hundred

06.12.1945 – Troops ask why they are arming the Japanese and fighting the Vietnamese

20.12.1961 – Our man in Saigon defends the Diem dictatorship

Macmillan (left) – National Portrait Gallery via Wikimedia.
Diem (right) – US Department of Defense via Wikimedia.
Macmillan (left) – NPG – Wikimedia.
Diem (right) – US Dep of Defense- Wikimedia.

07.05.1962 – Harold Macmillan praises South Vietnamese dictator Diem

10.08.1964 –  U.K. government ‘terrified’ of upsetting Americans over Vietnam

24.03.1965 – Harold Wilson declares his full support for U.S. war crimes

13.06.1965 – Britain backs escalation of U.S. assault on Vietnam

03.02.1966 – Cabinet backs UK’s support for American bombing of North Vietnam

01.02.1967 – Ministers avoid discussing Vietnamese victims of American bombing


19.01.1839 – British naval ships reduce Aden to rubble

02.11.1903 – Kotaibi villages in Yemen destroyed in punitive operation

13.07.1955 – Minister admits R.A.F. bombed villages for non-payment of fines

07.09.1963 – Secret agreement to covertly support regime change in North Yemen

12.09.1963 – SAS report on Yemen terror op – ‘Our mining has got the Wogs angry.’

10.12.1963 – State of emergency declared – detainees tortued

21.01.1964 – Our man in Aden authorises terror for terror policy

25.09.1965 – Britain suspends the Aden constitution and imposes direct rule

British troops search suspect insurgents in Aden.
© IWM (ADN 67-172-18)
British troops search suspect insurgents.
© IWM (ADN 67-172-18)

18.12.1965 – Medical reports reveal routine use of torture at British run prison in Aden

06.07.1966 – A Yemeni civil servant’s brief encounter with Britain’s Guantanamo

12.12.1966 – U.N. condemns Britain’s use of military force and torture in Aden

26.03.2015 – Saudi Arabia starts bombing Yemen with British aircraft and weapons

14.06.2018 – U.K. blocks U.N. initiative to avert conflict escalation and famine in Yemen

23.07.2018 – UK admits its personnel has access to Saudi targeting rooms

11.09.2018 – ‘No Saudi atrocity too much’ to halt U.K.’s lucrative arms trade

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