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10.10.1842 – Kabul sacked in an orgy of fire, looting and ‘wholesale butchery’

12.10.1879 – Mass execution of Afghans to ‘celebrate’ the capture of Kabul

08.11.1879 – British army hang 49 Afghan villagers as a ‘lesson’

15.09.1897 – Churchill witnesses the destruction of an entire Afghan valley

20.05.1919 – The R.A.F. bomb the medieval city of Jalalabad causing huge fires

26.01.1980 – Thatcher considers options for terror operations in Afghanistan

11.03.1986 – Thatcher hosts terror leader Abdul Haq at Number 10

17.09.2001 – Blair cautions Berlusconi not to worry about war casualties

07.10.2001 – U.K. joins U.S. in illegal war of aggression against Afghanistan

08.10.2001 – War cabinet discusses targeting Afghan media outlets

19.10.2001 – Blair frustrated at legal concerns over killing Afghans

27.10.2001 – Blair – no pause in Afghanistan bombing for Ramadan

12.01.2002 – MI6 agents not required to prevent torture

18.10.2007 – UK forces fail to investigate death squad allegations in Afghanistan

19.05.2009 – Eight Afghan civilians killed by UK air strike – report kept secret

18.10.2012 – Three Afghan boys shot in the head by an SAS soldier

14.09.2018 – Refugee deported back to Afghanistan is executed by the Taliban


19.03.1969 – 312 Paras invade the small Caribbean island of Anguilla 


11.10.1736 – Slaves face death ‘with amazing obstinacy’ following aborted revolt


19.01.1788 – The first convicts arrive at Botany Bay, Australia

03.05.1804 – British Redcoats shoot dead up to fifty Aboriginal Tasmanians

08.07.1805 – Australian aborigines not legally entitled to the right of a fair trial

03.03.1869 – Last ‘full-blooded’ Aboriginal Tasmanian man’s death and dissection

11.11.1975 – MI6 and the Palace in coup against Australia’s Labour government


05.03.1955 – Cabinet ‘mad keen to land British troops somewhere’ – Bahrain suggested

14.03.2011 – U.K. arms play vital role in crushing Bahrain’s democracy uprising

12.12.2011 – Bahrain’s tyrant King Hamid welcomed at Downing Street

01.10.2017 – Queen Elizabeth gifts a prize stallion to Bahrain’s tyrant King Hamad


04.08.1760 – The New Eagle of Liverpool ‘arrived at Barbados… Buried half her slaves.’

14.04.1816 – British militia massacre hundreds of Barbadian slaves


04.10.1759 – British troops massacre the Abenaki people and burn their homes


05.12.1578 – Drake’s men plunder the port of Valparaiso

24.04.1974 – Foreign Secretary cites copper as reason for arming Chile’s dictatorship

28.10.1998 – Britain’s High Court – Chilean tyrant Pinochet cannot be prosecuted

02.03.2000 – Chile’s brutal tyrant Pinochet allowed to return home


26.11.1833 – Lord Napier – ‘The empire of China is my own.’

03.06.1839 – Chinese destroy British opium leading to the First Opium War

01.10.1839 – Cabinet backs war with China after opium traders are held hostage

09.04.1840 – Lord Palmerston justifies military protection for Britain’s opium traders

19.06.1842 – Priceless antique books in Shanghai used as cooking fuel and toilet paper

28.12.1857 – British bombard Canton to protect their opium trade

07.10.1860 – British troops begin the ransacking of Beijing’s Summer Palace

18.10.1860 – British troops burn down the Summer Palace

03.05.1863 – Hundreds of civilians and prisoners tortured and killed at Tait-san

09.12.1863 – Thousands murdered as British led Imperial Chinese army takes Suzhou

31.12.1879 – British opium exports to China soar

17.08.1900 – General Alfred Gaselee sanctions an orgy of looting in Beijing

31.03.1904 – Hundreds of Tibetans massacred at Chumik Shenko.

01.06.1906 – The Times – Halting the opium trade would harm our financial interests

30.05.1925 – British led police shoot dead ten demonstrators in Shanghai


11.02.2008 – Minister in photo op with Colombian Death Squads general


19.09.1960 – Douglas-Home considers the ‘crocodile option’ for Congo’s prime minister

17.01.1961 – MI6 arranges the assassination of Congo’s first prime minister.

18.09.1961 – MI6 probably involved in assassinating the UN General Secretary

06.02.2002 – Britain supplying arms to both sides of Congo’s civil war


26.11.1955 – Sir John Harding introduces state of emergency in Cyprus

13.12.1955 – British governor of Cyprus bans the Communist Party

13.01.1956 – Cypriot boys birched under emergency regulations

05.03.1956 – Britain jams Athens Radio

24.05.1956 – Empty envelopes provoke harsh British reprisals in Nicosia

13.06.1958 – Day and night curfew imposed on Nicosia

22.07.1958 – British army detains hundreds of Greek Cypriots without trial

09.12.1958 – Report into massacre of Greek Cypriots whitewashes role of British Army

02.02.1959 – Special Branch officers waterboard a Cypriot schoolboy


15.03.1939 – The Bank of England hands over Czech gold to the Nazis


30.12.1966 – U.K. strikes deal with U.S. to expel the inhabitants of Diego Garcia


27.04.1802 – Following massacre of black mutineers – eleven survivors executed


11.07.1882 – British fleet bombards Alexandria, killing hundreds

13.09.1882 – Mass slaughter of the Egyptian wounded at Tel el-Kebir

10.06.1893 – 39 Egyptian convicts shot dead

07.06.1919 – Photographs of the wholesale flogging of Egyptian villagers

24.08.1920 – Churchill – Egypt ‘will do all she is told’

21.02.1946 – British troops in Cairo shoot dead twenty “rioters” with sub-machine guns

08.12.1951 -British army’s ‘Operation Bulldozer’ flattens Egyptian village

16.12.1951 – Churchill on Egypt – ‘We sill set the Jews on them.’

25.01.1952 – British army kills fifty Egyptian police officers

01.08.1956 – The Times – Nasser must be stopped or others will also defy us

03.08.1956 – Egyptians banned from cross Channel swimming race

27.08.1956 – MP and MI6 officers meet Egyptians to plan murder of president Nasser

01.11.1956 – Ministers unable to say if Britain is at war as Cairo airport is bombed

02.11.1956 – U.N. votes 64 to 5 in call for Britain to halt its aggression against Egypt

01.01.1987 – Documents belatedly expose British-Israeli collusion in the Suez crisis

23.12.2005 – Tony Blair accepts holiday hospitality from Egypt’s tyrant Hosni Mubarak

29.01.2011 – Britain praises Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak

01.02.2011 – Tony Blair describes Mubarak as ‘immensely courageous’

21.02.2011 – Cameron takes arms traders with him on visit to promote democracy


13.04.1868 – British army loots and burns the Ethiopian city of Maqdala


01.05.1982 – Disbelief among troops that they might have to die for Falkland Islands

02.05.1982 – Argentine ship sunk while outside exclusion zone killing 323

15.05.1982 – Stephen Spender – the war over the Falklands ‘goes on like sickness.’


26.09.1918 – Mustard gas shells fired at German lines in ‘handsome quantities’

01.02.1933 – Daily Express urges Hitler to resort to “extraordinary measures”

27.02.1933 – The Daily Express interviews Hilter and blames Reds for Reichstag fire

01.03.1933 – The Telegraph backs Hitler’s murderous clampdown on opponents.

24.03.1933 – Daily Express front page – ‘Judea declares war on Germany’

25.03.1933 – Daily Express headline – ‘Jews Deny Persecution by Nazis’

27.03.1933 – Daily Telegraph claims that reports of Nazi atrocities are exaggerated

29.03.1933 – Minister warns against ‘interference’ in Nazi Germany’s internal affairs

12.04.1933 – The prime minister doesn’t believe reports of Nazi ‘excesses’

09.05.1933 – Article in the Daily Express backs Nazi expulsion of ‘Bolshevik Jews’

11.05.1933 – War veteran fined for removing swastika wreath from the Cenotaph

20.05.1933 – Foreign Office – U.K. should not ask League to help refugees escape the Nazis

31.05.1933 – Archbishop – Don’t interfere in Nazi Germany’s internal affairs

10.07.1933 – The Daily Mail on the “minor misdeeds of individual Nazis”

28.07.1933 – Cabinet approves sale of advanced aero engines to Nazi Germany

25.08.1933 – The Daily Express praises the puritanism of Nazi Berlin

14.09.1933 – MI5 indifferent to murder incitement at London Nazi HQ

17.05.1934 – The Spectator magazine praises “wholesome family life” in Nazi Germany

01.08.1934 – Thomas Cook – Visit Nazi Berlin – as peaceful and pleasant as London

12.03.1935 – Editor of the Manchester Guardian reprimands reporter for anti-Nazi bias

04.12.1935 – F.A. chief apologizes to Nazi football delegation and toasts Hitler

05.12.1935 – Garrick Theatre forced to change play to avoid insulting Hitler

17.09.1936 – Lloyd George praises Hitler – ‘the George Washington of Germany’

04.02.1937 – Barely a razed eyebrow after Nazi salute at Buckingham Palace

23.05.1937 – Editor of The Times admits censoring reports critical of Nazi Germany

17.09.1937 – Winston Churchill – Nazi persecution of Germany’s Jews ‘not our business’

05.12.1937 – Lord Halifax on Hitler’s Nazi regime – ‘Absolutely fantastic !’

16.03.1938 – MI5 – Germany wants to “inundate this country with Jews”

14.05.1938 – England football team gives the Nazi salute

22.05.1938 – Aston Villa honour the Nazis with two Nazi salutes

04.07.1938 – British officials should not criticize Nazi treatment of the Jews

31.07.1938 – The Observer warns against admitting too many Jewish refugees

30.09.1938 – The Mayor of Cardiff insists the swastika flag is flown over the town hall

01.10.1938 – The Times greets news of Munich pact with Hitler as a ‘new dawn’

06.11.1938 – Churchill praises Hitler, less than one year before outbreak of war

02.03.1939 – Britain requests Nazi Germany to clamp down on Jewish refugees

15.03.1939 – The Bank of England hands over Czech gold to the Nazis

19.04.1939 – Cabinet – Not sending birthday greetings might offend Adolf Hitler

20.04.1939 – British officials and establishment figures attend Hitler’s birthday

15.03.1940  – Harsh penalties to deter Jewish refugees fleeing the Nazis

11.12.1940 – Foreign Office – Don’t let in even one refugee fleeing the Nazis

25.07.1943 – The first RAF fire bombing raid on Hamburg kills thousands

28.07.1943 – RAF fire bombing destroys Hamburg, killing over 18,000

06.07.1944 – Churchill urges poison gas attacks on German cities

13.02.1945 – R.A.F. saturation bombing of Dresden kills tens of thousands

23.02.1945 – RAF bombing kills one third of the population of Pforzheim in 22 minutes

16.03.1945 – The RAF obliterates the medieval town of Wurzburg

09.09.1947 – Britain force Jewish holocaust refugees to return to Germany


06.02.1874 – British army loots and burns the Ashanti capital of Kumasi

23.08.1900 – Ashanti towns and villages burned as a ‘lesson

28.02.1948 – “A bloody good show” – Officer in Accra congratulated for killing 3 protesters


03.12.1944 – 28 protesters shot dead in Athens by British armed Nazi collaborators


30.11.1567 – Hawkins’ sailors sack Cacheu, torturing, killing and seizing slaves


17.11.1821 – Priest – slaves surviving on raw plantains – perpetually flogged

18.12.1823 – ‘Heads (of blacks) fixed on poles in various parts’ of Demerara

06.10.1953  – Britain dispatches troops to Guiana to oust newly elected government

09.10.1953 –  British governor suspends Guiana’s constitution after left wins election


12.09.2018 – Conservatives back far right government of Victor Oban


12.01.1757 – British officers keep brief notes on town and village burning in Bengal

23.06.1757 – Battle of Plassey is followed by the looting of Bengal 

28.01.1771 – News breaks of a famine in Bengal and ‘calamities’ for British investors.

01.09.1771 – East India Company racketeers profit from Bengal’s famine

10.02.1846 – British troops refuse quarter to thousands of surrounded Sikh soldiers

21.02.1849 – British officer – “I never saw such butchery and murder.”

24.04.1857 – Indian troops refuse orders to use cartridges greased with pig and cow fat

10.05.1857 – Indian Mutiny incites press demands for ‘bloody vengeance’

04.06.1857 – Reign of terror, including indiscriminate hangings, at Benares

11.06.1857 – British army at Allahabad slaughters ‘every native that appeared in sight’

29.06.1857 – “Slaughter all the men” – bloody retribution against an Indian village

12.07.1857 – After defeating Indian rebels, British troops take no prisoners

21.08.1857 – Lord Elgin’s diary notes on ‘living among inferior races’

05.09.1857 – British officer in India – ‘Every native is shot down like a dog.’

08.09.1857 – 18 executions ‘inspired the natives with a wholesome dread’

10.09.1857 – Major in the Indian Raj recounts with pride his extra-judicial hangings

13.09.1857 – Murderous Redcoats ransack Delhi

20.09.1857 – Worst day of week long orgy of retribution, looting and murder in Delhi

04.01.1858 – Indian man flogged, stuffed with pork and then hung

25.02.1858 – Women slaughtered while clinging to their husbands

03.04.1858 – No quarter given as Redcoats sack the Indian city of Jhansi

18.01.1859 – Officer recalls hunting down Indian mutineers “like vermin”

12.12.1911 – Famine struck India forced to pay for George V’s 6,170 diamond crown

31.01.1915 – General adamant Indian officers ‘simply not fit to lead his men’

13.04.1919 – General orders the killing of hundreds of unarmed Indian protesters

14.04.1919 – The R.A.F. strafe and bomb a school and crowds at Gujranwala

08.05.1919 – Death for declaring the Raj ‘extinct’ and that ‘the people were the rulers.’

02.02.1931 – Churchill – “primitive millions of India” must remain under British rule

18.04.1931 – Viceroy of India vows ‘blitz of lathis’ and ‘knotted ropes’ against protesters

22.04.1931 – Churchill – Loss of India will be the death blow of the British Empire

20.02.1932 – Chancellor ecstatic as ‘India’s hordes’ forced to sell gold

02.02.1940 – Churchill – Hindu-Muslim Feud is ‘the bulwark of British rule in India’

11.04.1942 – Churchill declares he would rather resign than allow India independence

05.01.1943 – Churchill slashes shipping space for India as it faces famine

24.09.1943 – Churchill argues against food aid for famine struck India

23.02.1945 – Churchill – Hindus are a ‘foul race’ – wishes he could bomb them

04.04.1945 – Officials refuse urgent request for food for famine struck India

23.11.1945 – ‘Calcutta is quieter’ after 32 protesters, mostly students, are shot dead

18.02.1946 – Indian sailors “loose control of their senses” in anti-British mutiny

21.02.1946 – British army and police in Bombay kill two hundred protesters


10.11.1945 – British troops kill 10,000 Indonesians while restoring Dutch colonial rule

13.12.1945 – Punitive expedition against Indonesian town burns down 1000 homes

27.04.1962 – Macmillan urges Kennedy to liquidate Indonesian president Sukarno

30.07.1996 – Women damaging ground attack aircraft were preventing a greater crime

19.05.2003 – British Hawk jets used against Free Aceh Movement


17.06.1914 – Britain buys a controlling influence in Anglo-Persian oil

09.08.1919 – British attempt to buy hegemony over Persia fails

21.11.1952 – Top civil servant refers to Persia and its oil as ‘our property’

19.08.1953 – MI6 overthrow Mossadegh – the popular moderate prime minister of Iran


14.01.1915 – Arab villagers who run away ‘meet their end on the scaffold.’

31.01.1918 – Gertrude Bell – ‘We must be lodged’ but pities ‘the luckless ejected ones.’

25.05.1918 – Public execution of 11 Iraqis after failed uprising in Najaf

03.11.1918 – Britain seizes Mosul to gain control over Mesopotamia’s oil fields

12.05.1919 – Churchill “in favour of using poisoned gas against uncivilised tribes.”

24.05.1920 – Young Iraqi thrown in prison for reading out a nationalist poem

09.06.1920 – A ‘punitive column’ ravages the ancient Iraqi town of Tel Afar

18.08.1920 – General Haldane obtains Churchill’s approval to use chemical weapons

20.08.1920 – General on his troops ‘burning every village within reach’

29.08.1920 – Churchill urges the RAF to consider using mustard gas in Iraq

29.11.1920 – Gertrude Bell on teaching the Arabs a ‘lesson’ by ‘burning villages’

27.01.1923 – Iraqi villages and cattle subjected to punitive RAF bombing

30.11.1923 – R.A.F. drop 8,600 incendiary bombs on two Iraqi villages for ‘disobedience’

24.10.1927 – Two Iraqi villages flattened by the RAF for overdue fines

11.04.1962 – Arms for Iraq despite suspicion they might be used against civilians

17.07.1990 – British company helps equip Saddam Hussein’s military

24.02.1991 – Journalists forbidden from reporting details of British casualties

19.08.1995 – Iraq sanctions death toll condemned

15.02.1996 – Arms to Iraq Inquiry published

19.02.1998 – Pilot’s confession undermines pretext of bombing Iraq to protect Kurds

31.01.2002 – Just 2% believe Blair’s war ‘will make the world safer’ claim

07.03.2002 – Tony Blair falsely claims he is pursuing diplomatic options

23.07.2002 – MI6 head explains need to deceive the public over Iraq WMD

24.09.2002 – Highly misleading intelligence dossier on the danger from Iraqi WMD

27.11.2002 – No WMD here but we found marmalade

20.03.2003 – Britain and the U.S. invade Iraq, causing 650,000 deaths by 2006

23.03.2003 – Scores of Iraqi civilian casualties caused by British cluster weapons

31.03.2003 – British cluster weapons kill 38 and injure 156 Iraqi civilians

09.04.2003 – Tony Blair and Alastair Campbell joke about killing Clare short

08.05.2003 – Iraqi taxi driver dies in custody – his body covered with torture marks

18.07.2003 – Iraq weapons expert John Kelly found dead after ‘sexed up’ dossier leak

15.09.2003 – Iraqi hotel receptionist tortured to death by British troops in Basra

21.09.2003 – Father of Iraqi prisoner told his son died from torture by British troops

23.10.2003 – Galloway expelled from the Labour Party for opposing Iraq invasion

24.12.2003 – British army makes no attempt to halt the execution of an Iraqi Christian

31.07.2005 – UK forces turning a blind eye to murder in Basra

13.10.2006 – General admits British troops in Iraq only exacerbate security problems

24.11.2006 – Wall Street and the weather cited as pretexts for the Iraq war

25.02.2008 – British forces in Iraq implicated in U.S. rendition and torture of detainees

28.02.2008 – High Court silences rendition and torture claims by former SAS soldier


11.09.1649 – Cromwell orders massacre of thousands of soldiers and civilians at Drogheda

11.10.1649 – His troops slaughter all but ‘a very few’ of Wexford’s inhabitants

10.01.1798 – General John Moore admits the futility of ‘acts of great violence’ in Ireland

27.05.1798 – Moore – ‘My wish was to excite terror.’

15.06.1798 – Moore condones ‘promiscuous and severe punishments’

09.11.1804 – Preparations made to burn Irish convicts alive

13.10.1845 – PM – Irish famine fears exaggerated – delay in acting desirable

23.02.1846– British government reacts to famine in Ireland with martial law bill

13.03.1846 – British infantry evict Irish peasants from village as famine threatens

23.03.1846 – Earl Grey describes Ireland as ‘our disgrace’

17.07.1846 – British Treasury orders halt in relief to famine struck Irish peasants

22.09.1846 – The Times argues that Ireland’s potato famine is a ‘blessing’

28.09.1846 – Royal Dragoons shoot dead two as starving Irish crowd demands food

10.10.1846 – Troops dispatched to prevent starving Irish from halting corn exports

02.12.1846 – British official on the ‘moral evil’ of the ‘selfish, turbulent’ Irish

07.12.1846 – Relief works for famine struck Irish villagers suspended as a punishment

31.03.1847 – Sultan asked to reduce donation to Irish famine victims

08.06.1847 – Britain – We won’t pay for Irish famine victims

12.06.1847 – Workhouse forced to turn away 260 starving Irish famine victims

21.06.1847 – The Irish famine victims removal Act becomes law

22.11.1847 – Minister’s advice to go ‘a little beyond the law’

15.12.1847 – British troops enforce mass eviction from Irish village of Mullaroghe

25.12.1847 – A bleak famine Christmas under British rule in Ireland

26.07.1848 – The Times – Lazy and perfidious Irish famine victims abuse our charity

30.08.1848 – The Times warns famine struck Ireland to expect less relief

13.02.1849 – P.M. insists that Irish treachery means that they must starve

02.04.1911 – Census data shows Dublin’s shocking death rate

31.08.1913 – Hundreds injured as British order police to attack workers in Dublin

26.07.1914 – British troops open fire on Dublin crowd after children throw orange peel

25.04.1916 – British authorities declare martial law in Dublin

04.05.1916 – Irish rebel poet Joseph Plukett shot on his wedding day

25.09.1917 – Irish hunger striker denied a bed and bedding dies from forced feeding

20.03.1920 – British security forces assassinate the Lord Mayor of Cork

01.07.1920 – Churchill urges the RAF to bomb Irish rebels

03.09.1920 – Coroners courts replaced by army run inquests in ten Irish counties

04.09.1920 – English visitors to Ireland warned of danger from British troops

06.09.1920 – Top general on our ‘counter terror… cutthroats’ in Ireland

20.09.1920 – British auxiliary forces sack the Irish town of Balbriggan

23.09.1920 – British Army’s murderous rampage through three Irish towns

24.09.1920 – Churchill recommends strafing crowds of Irish nationalists

27.09.1920 – British auxiliary forces sack the Irish town of Trim

25.10.1920 – Lord Mayor of Cork dies on hunger strike in Brixton prison

31.10.1920 – ‘Moderate’ minister praises British reprisals against Irish civilians

21.11.1920 – 14 shot dead by British led armed police at Dublin football stadium

11.12.1920 – British soldiers and auxiliaries sack the city of Cork, burning down 300 homes

21.12.1920 – Village of Ballinalee ‘burned out by forces of the crown’

27.12.1920 – British introduce death penalty in Ireland for any civilian in army uniform

01,01.1921 – Homes destroyed in four Irish villages as a reprisal for an IRA ambush

18.01.1921 – Reprisals in Ireland – convent burned – random civilians murdered

19.06.1921 – Irish village almost totally destroyed by crown forces


26.10.2003 – The U.K. abstains from condemning Israel’s illegal ‘separation wall’

14.07.2006 – Britain blocks calls for a ceasefire as Israel invades Lebanon

03.11.2010 – The U.K. promises to protect Israeli war criminals


03.07.1937 – Winston Churchill praises Mussolini and Fascism

13.02.1945 – Churchill refuses to consider urgent food aid for Italy


16.07.1750 – 300 lashes ‘for his many crimes and negligences”

02.10.1750 – Hung and his body left to rot for drawing a knife on a white man

09.02.1752 – Slave hung and his head impaled on a pole for running away

28.01.1756 – Plantation overseer invents revolting punishment for a slave

26.05.1756 – Slave overseer’s diary notes on a summer of depraved torture

18.06.1760 – Report from Jamaica – gibbeted slaves ‘live from four to eight days.’

02.07.1768 – Slave roasted alive – his wife hung – just another day in colonial Jamaica

27.12.1831 – Slaves in Jamaica refuse to work for their British masters

23.05.1832 – Baptist deacon Samuel Sharpe hung for leading Jamaican slave strike

07.10.1865 – Imprisonment of a black man for trespassing on an abandoned plantation

17.10.1865 – Jamaican woman hung for listening to a rebellious preacher

18.10.1865 – Jamaican hung for his ‘ferocious look of defiance’ while being whipped

24.10.1865 – Preacher Paul Bogle hung for demanding justice for black Jamaicans

13.11.1865 – The Times on the ungrateful ‘savageness’ of black Jamaicans

16.11.1865 – The Morning Herald on the ‘cruelty’ and ‘ingratitude’ of black Jamaicans

18.11.1865 – The Times – Black Jamaicans are ‘our spoilt children’


05.09.1945 – Indiscriminate reprisals against Japanese soldiers


07.12.1908 – Peodophile colonial official lauded as an ‘exemplary and valuable officer’

16.03.1922 – Settlers, police and soldiers shoot dead hundreds in Nairobi

02.04.1952 – Collective punishment against Kenyan villages deemed to be hostile

23.09.1952 – London grants senior Kenyan police officers extraordinary legal powers

20.10.1952 – British governor of Kenya declares a state of emergency

23.11.1952 – Colonial police and militia massacre up to 100 villagers in Kenya

25.11.1952 – Wider powers of collective punishment authorized in Kenya

26.11.1952 – Archbishop of York backs collective punishment against Kenyan villages

03.04.1953 – Kenya’s British led home guard untouchable and out of control

08.04.1953 – Jomo Kenyatta sentenced to seven years hard labour after judge is bribed

14.06.1953 – British captain tortures and executes Kenyan rebel suspects

17.06.1953 – Ten Kenyans beaten and summarily executed by British led troops

14.07.1953 – Suspect insurgent hung despite evidence of torture induced confession

27.08.1953 – General Erskine reluctant to investigate crimes of loyalist Kenyan militia

18.11.1953 – RAF starts Kenya bombing campaign – six million bombs dropped

10.12.1953 – General warns again against investigation into British war crimes in Kenya

24.04.1954 – Thousands of black Nairobians transported to concentration camps

09.06.1954 – British general warns against prosecuting Kenyan militia for murder

23.12.1954 – Officer in Kenya’s colonial police complains of culture of torture and abuse

09.01.1955 – General Erskine advises yet again against prosecution of Kenyan militia

30.09.1955 – Labour MP Barbara Castle speaks out against British atrocities in Kenya

25.06.1957 – Britain approves the “dilution technique” of torture in Kenya

03.03.1959 – Eleven Kenyan political detainees murdered

16.06.1959 – Colonial detention camps in Kenya worse than Japanese POW camps

03.12.1963 – Sensitive files on Kenyan counterinsurgency ops removed to Britain

02.03.1968 – Law to stop Kenyan Asians with British passports from ‘flooding’ Britain


12.09.1921 – Kurdish valley of villages set on fire ‘from end to end’

10.07.1922 – The RAF drop 400 gallons of petrol and incendiaries on a Kurdish town

16.08.1923 – Crowded tea shop obliterated as RAF target rebel chief in Kurdish town

27.05.1924 – RAF bombing devastates the Kurdish town of Sulaymaniyah

08.01.1925 – RAF bombing raids against flocks of grazing sheep

08.09.1925 – Three Kurdish villages wiped off the map


08.03.1985 – MI6 behind massive Beirut car bomb which kills 80 people


01.09.1969 – Wilson indifferent to Gadaffi coup in Libya as long as the oil flows

07.03.2004 – MI6 arrange the rendition of a Libyan dissident and his wife

25.03.2004 – Tony Blair embraces Libyan dictator Colonel Gadaffi

28.03.2004 – MI6 arranges rendition of another couple to Libyan torture centre

26.04.2007 – Tony Blair writes letter of thanks to Libyan tyrant Colonel Gadaffi

07.03.2011 – David Cameron insists he doesn’t need U.N. approval to bomb Libya

19.03.2011 – The RAF starts its bombing campaign in Libya


11.06.1843 – Sarawak villages plundered and burned to the ground

18.04.1945 – War Office plans to ensure supply of opium to Malaya after its liberation

21.10.1945 – Censorship of British sex crimes in Malaya – protesters shot dead

15.02.1946 – British led police shoot dead 13 at an anti-fascist vigil in Malaya

28.02.1947 – Colonial police in Malaya beat worker to death in ‘justifiable homicide’

19.06.1948 – State of emergency introduced in Malaya – thousands detained

01.07.1948 – Malay democracy activist detained without trial for seven years

02.11.1948 – British troops burn the Malayan village of Kachau

07.11.1948 – Eleven Malayan communists shot dead ‘while trying to escape’

12.12.1948 – British troops murder 24 unarmed men at a Malayan rubber plantation

19.12.1948 – British governor – villagers more frightened of us than of the communists

10.01.1949 – British in Malaya start to detain and deport entire communities

02.04.1949 – F.O. memo – Malaysian independence threatens UK’s economic interests

04.05.1949 – British hang Malayan democracy activist

14.01.1951 – Britain launches first ever herbicidal war in Malaya

26.03.1952 – Town deemed ‘cowardly’ punished with sharp rice ration cut and curfew

28.04.1952 – Photo published of a smiling British soldier holding up a severed head

10.11.1994 – High Court – Government linked uneconomic aid project to arms sales


28.11.1885 – General Prendergast’s troops loot Burma’s Royal Palace at Mandalay

15.01.1886 – Colonel practices his photography during extra-judicial executions

18.05.1946 – Burmese colonial police shoot dead protesting villagers

19.07.1947 – British linked to assassination of Aung San – ‘father of modern Myanmar’


06.02.1840 – Britain signs a treaty with the Maoris only to renege on it

05.01.1869 – Up to 128 captured Maoris stripped naked and shot ‘like dogs.’

16.11.1869 – Maori rebel Hamiora Pere executed for treason


26.121851 – Royal Navy destroys Lagos – ‘An immense number of natives being killed’

16.11.1882 – African villages shelled, machine gunned and burned to the ground

17.11.1882 – Niger Delta village bombarded, ‘the inhabitants killed or expelled’

22.02.1895 – Two Niger Delta towns ‘completely burned’ as a ‘ sharp lesson.’

10.03.1906 – 2000 killed as the Nigerian village of Sitaru is wiped off the map

07.07.1967 – ‘Defensive’ weapons for Nigeria’s Junta to slaughter Biafrans

08.08.1967 – Minister – oil means we must back Nigerian junta against Biafra

15.08.1967 – Birmingham Airport’s role in covert arms airlift to Nigerian junta exposed

17.08.1967 – Newspaper reveals U.K. supplying Nigerian junta with fast patrol boats

04.12.1967 – Minister – backing Nigeria’s assault on Biafra will benefit B.P. and Shell

29.01.1968 – Foreign Office admits U.K. supplying Nigerian death squads with arms

27.03.1969 – Harold Wilson lies to cover up British complicity in Biafran war crimes

19.07.1970 – Massive oil blow out poisons Nigerian farmland

24.07.2019 – Nigerian victims of Shell granted UK Supreme Court hearing


26.07.1575 – Hundreds of women and children slaughtered on Rathlin Island

12.08.1969 – RUC incites loyalists to attack Derry’s Catholic residents

09.08.1971 – Six, including priest, shot dead by British troops in West Belfast

09.08.1971 – Hundreds of Catholics arrested under ‘internment without trial’ powers

11.08.1971 – Three shot dead and another dies after a mock execution in Belfast

17.10.1971 – Routine use of torture in Ulster exposed

30.01.1972 – Fourteen unarmed Catholics shot dead by the army

12.06.1972 – British army urges tolerant approach to loyalist paramilitaries in its ranks

03.07.1972 – British army allows protestant paramilitaries to patrol alongside them

09.07.1972 – Army snipers kill five in West Belfast including three children and a priest

09.07.1972 – Armoured car rams furniture van to stop Catholics moving into homes

09.07.1972 – British army’s double standards in Portadown

07.08.1972 – Edward Heath – ‘Use money freely’ on bribes and propaganda

18.10.1972 – PM advised to be ‘economical with the truth’ over Irish detentions

20.12.1972 – Report recommends trials without a jury for Irish terror suspects

31.01.1973 – UDA remains legal despite murders and arms stockpiles

03.04.1973 – Irish shopkeepers bombed for not serving members of the security forces

07.05.1974 – Ulster defence regiment gunmen murder a Catholic couple

01.10.1974 – UDR soldiers, many with terror links, keep weapons in their homes

09.04.1975 – Loyalist UVF remains legal despite openly boasting of killing Catholics

07.07.1975 – Foreign Office warned not to disclose compromising data on Ulster

02.09.1976 – Government memo admits the UDA is merely a front for loyalist terrorism

18.01.1978 – ECHR – British forces resorted to ‘inhuman and degrading treatment’

12.02.1981 – MI6 warns of UDA terror but UK refuses to proscribe the organisation

01.03.1981 – Bobby Sands starts his hunger strike

05.05.1981 – Bobby Sands MP dies after 66 days on hunger strike

26.05.1981 – UK refuses to proscribe the UDA after finding a large cache of weapons

19.10.1988 – Members of Sinn Fein banned from broadcasting

25.09.1996 – Labour Party threatens M.P. with expulsion for meeting Gerry Adams

06.07.2018 – The law should protect our crimes but not theirs


23.07.1970 – Shell pressures Britain to back coup in Oman

21.02.2019 – Minister praises Oman’s tyrant, Sultan Qaboos, as a ‘visionary.’


02.01.1849 – Redcoats massacre hundreds of civilians in Multan

22.05.1857 – British preempt a mutiny at Peshawar with mass executions

10.06.1857 – Forty Indian mutineers blown from guns

17.06.1857 – Indian mutineers blown apart – wounding civilian spectators

26.06.1857 – “We stand no nonsense here !” – British officer explains mass executions

24.06.1917 – Valley of villages and crops burned to the ground in Waziristan

09.10.1919 – The RAF drops incendiary bombs on North West Frontier Villages

07.02.1920 – Waziristan villages ‘utterly destroyed’ – villagers left to freeze

06.04.1920 – ‘Recalcitrant’ Waziri villages burned

14.05.1930 – Bombing of friendly villagers described as an ‘error of little consequence’

04.08.1930 – R.A.F. starts nine day intensive bombing campaign against Afridi villages

30.08.1930 – Heavy bombing of North West Frontier villages for non-payment of fines

08.10.1981 – Margaret Thatcher toasts Pakistan’s dictator Zia

05.10.2001 – Blair consoles General Musharraf over stigmatization of military regimes


09.11.1917 – Palestinians marganalised as their land is promised as a Jewish homeland

11.08.1919 – FO memo – Don’t consult Arabs – Zionism is ‘of far profounder import.’

01.04.1921 – Top generals describe Palestine as ‘Jewland’ and a ‘beastly country.’

27.06.1933 – Britain rebuked over legitimating child marriage in Palestine

27.10.1933 – Main square of Jaffa “strewn with the bodies” of Arab protesters

19.04.1936 – British security forces in Palestine granted draconian powers

20.04.1936 – General strike by Palestinians against the British authorities

16.06.1936  – 6000 Palestinians given a few hours notice of compulsory demolition

18.09.1936 – General authorises use of Arab hostages to protect army convoys

07.07.1937 – Peel Commission backs the expulsion of Arabs from their land

06.11.1937 – Black Watch troops beat twelve Arab villagers to death

27.11.1937 – Suspect Arab rebel executed just five days after his arrest

19.12.1937 – English policeman describes extra-judicial killings in Palestine

29.12.1937 – Anglican chaplain witnesses brutal beating of an Arab prisoner

03.01.1938 – First ever BBC Arabic News  – Arab executed for possessing a rifle

20.08.1938 – Missionary doctor’s shock at Arab casualties of British violence

28.08.1938 – Royal Engineers blow up 100 houses in Jenin as a ‘punitive measure.’

07.09.1938 – 20 Arabs killed when British troops force a bus to drive over a mine

03.10.1938 – British Special Night Squad troops target random Arabs

16.10.1938 – Round the clock curfew imposed on Jerusalem’s Old City

20.10.1938 – British officer orders reprisal executions in Arab village

26.10.1938 – British army turns Palestinian village into ‘a pile of mangled masonry’

17.02.1939 – military courts allowed to order the flogging of children

06.05.1939 – Caged Arab villagers die from extreme heat and thirst

01.09.1939 – First British shots of the Second World War directed at Jewish refugees

30.12.1939 – Admiral ordered to intercept ship carrying Jewish refugees

24.02.1942 – 785 refugees drown after Britain insists Turkey refuse them overland passage

25.07.1946 – British commander orders troops to ‘show contempt for Jews

02.01.1947 – Monty on Palestine – Ignore world and Jewish opinion

14.02.1947 – MI6 ordered to sabotage ships carrying Jewish refugees to Palestine

02.03.1947 – Martial law imposed on Palestine’s Jewish population

31.07.1947 – British army sprays Tel Aviv’s streets with machine gun fire killing five

29.08.1975 – Harold Wilson orders ministers not to be friendly with PLO delegates


13.06.1978 – Queen confers a knighthood on Romanian tyrant Ceausescu


26.09.1854 – British troops ransack the Crimean port of Balaklava

24.05.1855 – British and Allied troops sack the Crimean city of Kerch

21.01.1920 – Churchill – ‘The majority of the (Bolshevik) leaders are Jews.’

08.02.1920 – Churchill blames the Bolshevik terror in Russia and Europe on Jews

23.07.1945 – Churchill jubilant at the possibility of nuclear attack on Russian cities

08.08.1946 – Winston Churchill advocates a nuclear strike against Moscow


14.03.1737 – As slave ship docks at St. Kitts, 33 slaves leap to their deaths


27.07.1796 – Genocide on St. Vincent – ‘The savages will be starved into compliance’


10.05.1963 – Foreign Secretary – We must prop up the Saudi dictatorship

14.10.1964 – UK ambassador on our ‘friendly’ but ‘barbaric’ Saudi ally

04.10.1993 – Margaret Thatcher – Let the Saudis do as they want

04.12.1995 – Minister admits arms exports to Saudi Arabia not linked to human rights

14.12.2006 – Attorney General blocks S.F.O. investigation into Saudi arms trade bribes


23.08.1305 – Scottish rebel William Wallace strangled, castrated and disemboweled

10.04.1544 – ‘Burn Edinburgh… putting man, woman and child to fire and sword.’

16.04.1746 – ‘Perfidious’ highlanders ‘must perish by sword or famine’

31.08.1793 – Scottish reformer Thomas Muir sentenced to transportation for 14 years


16.04.1999 – Blair sends Campbell to Brussels to help spin the bombing of Serbia

23.04.1999 – Tony Blair attempts to justify NATO’s assassination of Serbian journalists


15.02.1946 – Singapore colonial police kill activists commemorating wrong anniversary


21.01.1920 – R.A.F. biplanes strafe and bomb Dervish settlements and sheep


26.01.1852 – Starvation used as a weapon of war against the Xhosa

14.12.1873 – Colonial troops slaughter hundreds of Hlubi in Natal

23.01.1879 – Hundreds of wounded Zulus slaughtered at Rorke’s Drift

29.03.1879 – “No quarter boys !” – British take no Zulu prisoners

04.07.1879 – Redcoats slaughter Zulu wounded and burn down city of Ulundi

26.02.1900 – British officer – My instructions – Shoot prisoners, loot the farms

17.05.1900 – Africans sacrificed to save the besieged town of Mafeking

16.06.1900 – Field Marshal Roberts – Detain Boer civilians and burn their homes

20.12.1900 – Lord Kitchener deceives South African Boers with empty promises

24.01.1901 – Famine at British concentration camp for Boer civilians

20.07.1901 – General’s request to deport Boer women to remote island ‘impractical’

20.09.1909 – The South Africa Act creates the legal foundation for Apartheid.

15.05.1975 – Cabinet – Uranium more important than ending Apartheid in South Africa

07.07.1976  – Minister rules out sanctions against South Africa

31.03.1977 – Labour government afraid of U.S. ethical stand on Apartheid

01.11.1977 – Britain vetoes full economic sanctions against Apartheid South Africa

17.02.1978 – Callaghan – ‘I won’t be pushed’ into sanctions on Apartheid South Africa

09.11.1978 – Britain determined to veto U.N. sanctions against Apartheid South Africa

02.06.1984 – Margaret Thatcher welcomes Apartheid leader P.W. Botha

16.08.1985 – Margaret Thatcher admonished for colluding with apartheid South Africa

22.10.1985 – Revealed – 34 MPs hold investments in Apartheid South Africa

31.06.1986 – T.R.G. belatedly opposes pro-apartheid policies, for business reasons

17.10.1987 – Margaret Thatcher insists that she can’t meet the ‘terrorist’ A.N.C.

15.07.1988 – Margaret Thatcher refuses to discuss Nelson Mandela’s release

13.10.1988 – Sir James Cleminson boasts U.K. is apartheid’s most reliable partner


07.04.1812 – Thousands slaughtered as British troops sack the Spanish city of Badajoz

31.08.1813 – British sack San Sebastian, killing over a thousand and raping the women

09.03.1937 – Foreign Office official advises BBC to ‘get pro-Franco in our news’

17.03.1937 – Britain secretly appoints a liaison agent to Franco’s fascist rebels


07.06.1818 – British troops burn homes and destroy rice stores in Ceylonese villages

29.07.1848 – Martial law declared in Ceylon – 200 shot dead or hung

02.06.1915 – Martial law in Ceylon, hundreds shot on sight, thousands arrested


02.09.1898 – Kitchener’s troops at Omdurman kill Sudanese prisoners and wounded

03.05.1920 – R.A.F. biplanes machine gun and bomb cattle to starve the Nuer of Sudan

21.08.1998 – Tony Blair backs attack on life saving Sudanese pharmaceutical company


10.03.1774 – Slave rebellion evokes brutal executions in Tobago

25.12.1801 – Rebel slave plotters seized, hung and their heads impaled on poles

12.10.1823 – Newspaper dismisses dangers of treadmill, blaming idle, sulky slaves


19.01.1917 – Cabinet has ‘no hesitation’ in approving use of gas against the Turks.


30.01.1892 – British led troops massacre hundreds of refugees

25.01.1971 – MI6 backs Idi Amin coup

05.02.1971 – Britain recognizes Idi Amin following coup in Uganda

14.07.1971 – Ugandan dictator Idi Amin guest of honour at Buckingham Palace


24.06.1965 – U.K. stages a coup in Sharjah to ensure the state’s dependency on London

06.08.1966 – Ungrateful Sheikh Shakhbut of Abu Dhabi deposed by British led coup


11.07.1596 – Queen Elizabeth – ‘too many blackmoors’

03.10.1699 – First Liverpool slave ship sets sale

14.09.1731 – London’s Lord Mayor bans employment of black apprentices

04.10.1743 – City of London auction – rum, brandy and ‘one Negro boy’

11.12.1744 – ‘Little Negro Boy’ to be ‘dispos’d of’ – Apply at “the Dolphin Tavern’

11.12.1752 – The author of ‘Amazing Grace‘ on his use of the thumbscrew on slave boys

27.12.1753 – Widespread celebrations follow repeal of the ‘Jew Bill’

28.10.1762 – Ship’s crew saved ‘but not even any of our clothes or one slave.’

06.06.1769 – ‘A Negro boy to be disposed of’

01.09.1772 – Deaths from Britain’s slave trade estimated at 30,000 a year

29.11.1781 – British ship throws 132 slaves overboard to claim on its insurance

22.05.1783 – Lord Mansfield – throwing slaves overboard cannot be murder

19.04.1791 – Church bells rung in Bristol to celebrate the defeat of first anti-slavery bill

15.03.1796 – MPs love of the opera means slavery abolition bill fails

09.10.1796 – Drowned black slaves dumped in a mass grave in North Devon

03.06.1833 – Gladstone – slaves are no more than the property of their owners

01.08.1833 – Abolition Act – Biggest pay-out in British history for slave owners

02.08.1867 – Imperial racism exemplified by Carlyle’s writing on the ‘Nigger Question.’

08.09.1914 – First of 348 First World War executions for desertion

19.11.1914 – Five detainees shot dead at Douglas Alien Detention Camp

13.05.1915 – Britain reacts to anti-German riots by detaining German civilians

09.10.1916 – Captain – newspaper propaganda on trench warfare makes him laugh

16.07.1919 – ‘Hideous spectacle’ of ‘a negro in khaki with a white woman’

19.07.1919 – Black soldiers excluded from the First World War victory celebrations.

03.05.1920 – Churchill backs gas warfare to preserve the Empire

25.11.1936 – Only apprentices of ‘pure European descent’ can join the R.A.F.

24.03.1938 – ‘Unwise to overload the basket’ – Daily Express on Jewish refugees

31.07.1938 – Observer warns against accepting Jewish refugees

23.10.1938 – Winston Churchill on the existential threat of ‘barbarian breeding’

28.02.1939 – George VI glad Jewish refugees prevented from leaving their countries

20.11.1939 – Winston Churchill – Let German sailors drown

03.06.1940 – Churchill anxious to achieve faster deportation of Jewish refugees

10.06.1940 – Propaganda and religious hatred provoke anti-Italian riots

17.12.1940 – Foreign Office official – Jewish refugees drowning an ‘opportune disaster’

24.12.1940 – No more holocaust refugees ‘on merely humanitarian grounds’

26.12.1940 – Foreign Office – Send Jewish refugees to the remote interior of Guiana

06.03.1942 – Goebbels gloats over antisemitism in the House of Commons

10.11.1942 – Churchill vows to prevent the dissolution of the British Empire

25.10.1946 – Foreign Secretary on the need to get a Union Jack on the atom bomb

22.06.1948 – Labour MPs demand restrictions on black immigration

14.12.1950 – Attlee misleads parliament over U.S. nuclear bases in the U.K.

07.01.1953 – Top civil servant – end of empire means ‘we shall starve.

17.12.1953 – Black workers ‘mentally slow’ claims government report

22.03.1954 – Churchill – too risky to alert the public to the realities of nuclear war

20.01.1955 – Winston Churchill suggests ‘Keep England White’ as best election slogan

01.07.1962 – ‘Heartbreak day for the unwanted’ under new racist regulations

27.10.1962 – Public kept in the dark as nuclear bombers readied for Armageddon

24.06.1974 – Ministers and MPs learn of Harold Wilson’s secret H-bomb test

20.11.1974 – Harold Wilson – Nuclear weapons help us to woo Washington

22.01.1979 – Labour government approves using depleted uranium in ammunition

17.05.2002 – Binyam Mohamed offered tea before torture

28.04.2004 – Tony Blair and Jack Straw deny knowledge of secret renditions

13.12.2005 – Home Secretary lies over the U.K.’s involvement in rendition and torture

14.01.2006 – Vilification of anti-imperialism MP who dresses up as a cat

04.02.2009 – British submarine seconds away from a nuclear disaster

27.11.2012 – Cameron – Security agents can kill without fear of prosecution

25.07.2018 – Boris Johnson admits U.K. not opposed to illegal drone strikes

31.07.2018 – Government attempts to hide denying refugee children their rights

31.07.2018 – Foreign Office – Better to ally with war criminals 

03.08.2018 – British Airways’ double standards on global LGBTQ+ rights

31.05.2019 – UN expert – the UK has subjected Assange to ‘pscyhological torture’


31.08.1619 – First known purchase of African slaves by a British colony

07.07.1763 – General authorises use of smallpox to kill Native Americans

05.03.1770 – Redcoats shoot dead five Bostonians who had been hurling snowballs

17.10.1775 – The Royal Navy punishes the American town of Falmouth 

02.04.1777 – British newspaper – American women raped by our troops are ‘fortunate’

26.06.1777 – Redcoats ransack the town of Westfield, New Jersey

28.09.1778 – Redcoats slaughter American troops after they surrender

13.07.1781 – General’s plan to use African Americans to spread smallpox

10.08.1781 – Our morning’s salutation – ‘Rebels ! Turn out your dead !’ 

06.09.1781 – New London burned and the garrison slaughtered

14.10.1781 – Lord Cornwallis expels his black troops from Yorktown

24.08.1814 – British troops sack Washington DC.

19.04.1975 – Post Office argues against commemorating the American Revolution

16.01.2002 – Worries about the wrong sort of spin over Guantanamo

20,04.2010 – BP oil rig explodes causing the biggest ever maritime oil spill

22.06.2018 – U.K. drops objection to sending British terror suspects to Guantanamo


23.09.1945 – UK forces slaughter hundreds and burn down vast areas of Saigon

26.09.1945 – Artillery and machine guns used to crush opposition to Saigon coup

13.10.1945 – British army shell Saigon temple, killing one hundred

06.12.1945 – Troops ask why they are arming the Japanese and fighting the Vietnamese

20.12.1961 – Our man in Saigon defends the Diem dictatorship

07.05.1962 – Harold Macmillan praises South Vietnamese dictator Diem

10.08.1964 –  U.K. government ‘terrified’ of upsetting Americans over Vietnam

24.03.1965 – Harold Wilson declares his full support for U.S. war crimes

13.06.1965 – Britain backs escalation of U.S. assault on Vietnam

03.02.1966 – Cabinet backs UK’s support for American bombing of North Vietnam

01.02.1967 – Ministers avoid discussing Vietnamese victims of American bombing


19.01.1839 – British naval ships reduce Aden to rubble

13.07.1955 – Minister admits R.A.F. bombed Yemeni villages for non-payment of fines

07.09.1963 – Secret agreement to covertly support regime change in North Yemen

12.09.1963 – SAS report on Yemen terror op – ‘Our mining has got the Wogs angry.’

10.12.1963 – U.K. declares state of emergency in Aden, a move condemned by the U.N.

21.01.1964 – Our man in Aden authorises terror for terror policy

25.09.1965 – Britain suspends the Aden constitution and imposes direct rule

18.12.1965 – Medical reports reveal routine use of torture at British run prison in Aden

06.07.1966 – A Yemeni civil servant’s brief encounter with Britain’s Guantanamo

12.12.1966 – U.N. condemns Britain’s use of military force and torture in Aden

26.03.2015 – Saudi Arabia starts bombing Yemen with British aircraft and weapons

14.06.2018 – U.K. blocks U.N. initiative to avert conflict escalation and famine in Yemen

23.07.2018 – UK admits its personnel has access to Saudi targeting rooms

11.09.2018 – ‘No Saudi atrocity too much’ to halt U.K.’s lucrative arms trade

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