1500-1799 | Slavery

Deaths from Britain’s slave trade estimated at 30,000 a year

1 September 1772 Exactly one year after the Scots Magazine reported shocking revelations about mass starvation in Bengal caused by the unprecedented rapacity of the East India Company, the magazine published an article by American abolitionist Anthony Benezet entitled ‘The Rise and Progress of the Slave Trade, its Nature and its Lamentable Effects.’ It confirmed what many…

1500-1799 | Famine | India


1 September 1771 On 1 September 1771, the Scots Magazine published an account from a ‘gentleman’ in Bengal describing an unprecedented famine. It has been provoked by a combination of a prolonged drought and the rapacity of Britain’s East India Company which, despite the wretched condition of the population, continued to ruthlessly extract high levels of taxation….

1920-1939 | Palestine | Refusing refugees

First British shots of the war targets Jewish refugees

1 September 1939 Before dawn on the 1 September 1939, Hitler’s Wehrmacht commenced the invasion of Poland, triggering Number 10’s declaration of war two days later. During those same early hours, a British police launch, patrolling the coast off Palestine to prevent the unwelcome arrival of fugitives fleeing Nazi persecution, opened fire with a Lewis…