2010-2019 | Backing dictatorships | Oman

Minister praises Oman’s tyrant, Sultan Qaboos, as a ‘visonary’

21 February 2019 On 21 February 2019, Gavin Williamson praised the dictator of Oman, Sultan Qaboos, as a ‘visionary’, who’s ‘statesmanship’ and ‘wisdom’ were ‘recognised around the world.’ On the same day, the UK and Oman signed a joint defence agreement, undescoring Britian’s uncompromising support for the authoritarian government which deals harshly with any dissent….

2010-2019 | Arms exports | Backing dictatorships | Egypt

Cameron takes arms traders with him on visit to promote democracy

21 February 2011 On 21 February 2011, Prime Minister David Cameron arrived in Cairo, ostensibly to support Egypt’s first tentative steps towards a possible democracy, in the wake of the protests which had just toppled the former dictator, Hosni Mubarak. Accompanying the PM, were a coterie of British businessmen, including several senior CEOs from the…

1940-1949 | Civilians slaughtered | India

British troops and police in Bombay kill two hundred protesters

21 February 1946 During this day in 1946 and the next, colonial police and British troops shot dead at least two hundred demonstrators in Bombay, who were demanding independence and a withdrawal of the British Army. The protests started with a general strike, called on 21 February, in solidarity with a widespread mutiny among Indian…

1940-1949 | Civilians slaughtered | Egypt

British troops in Cairo shoot dead twenty demonstrators with machine guns

21 February 1946 On 21 February 1946, British troops opened fire, with machine guns, on protesters in Midan Ismailiya (now better known as Tahrir Square) in central Cairo, killing twenty and injuring about 300.1  According to a report in the Scotsman the following day: ‘The Square outside the Kasr El Nil Barracks was a smoke-filled battleground…

1800-1859 | Battlefield butchery | India | Prisoners murdered | Wounded killed

British officer – ‘I never saw such butchery and murder’

21 February 1849 On 21 February 1849, during the Second Anglo-Sikh War, British troops under the command of Lieutenant General Sir Hugh Gough gave no quarter to Sikh soldiers fleeing the battlefield of Gujrat. An officer of the Ninth Lancers recalled: ‘We overtook numbers of their infantry who were running for their lives – every…