1970-1979 | Detention without trial | Northern Ireland | Torture

Army arrests hundreds of catholics under ‘internment without trial’ powers

9 August 1971 On 9 August 1971, hundreds of British soldiers were deployed across Northern Ireland to arrest 342 Catholics and two protestants with suspected Republican sympathies under new powers of ‘internment without trial.’1 They kicked down doors and dragged men of all ages from their beds. Only Catholic areas were targeted. The British government saw…

1970-1979 | Civilians slaughtered | Northern Ireland

Six, including priest, shot dead by British troops in West Belfast

9 August 1971 On 9 August 1971, six civilians ranging in age from 19 to 50 years, including Hugh Mullan, a Catholic priest, and Joan Connolly, a 45 year old grandmother, were shot dead in West Belfast by soldiers of the Parachute Regiment during a mass round up of Catholic men on the Ballymurphy estate….

1900-1919 | Iran

British attempt to buy hegemony over Persia fails

9 August 1919 On 9 August 1919, after six months of secret negotiations between Sir Percy Cox, the acting British Minister in Tehran, and three leading Persian politicians, Prime Minister Vusuq ul-Dawleh, Foreign Minister Prince Farooz and Finance Minister, Sarem ul-Dawleh, the Anglo-Persian Agreement was announced. If it had been subsequently ratified by the Persian…